Prices of period properties in Drumcondra?

Hi All,

I’m hoping to eventually buy a period brick house in Drumcondra and am just wondering what kind of price something like this might sell for in the market right now ( It’s currently listed at 495k, but I can’t tell how long it has been up for sale because it’s not posted on daft. Is there anything similar to propertybee that is compatible with

Out of curiosity, at the top of the bubble, how much would a property like this one (4 bed period house in Drumcondra needing modernisation) have sold for?

How much do you reckon the price would drop on the property over the course of the next year or two? Do you think that because its a period property that it would retain more of its value?

I’m nowhere near looking to actually purchase a property at the moment. My husband and I are lucky enough to be in Oz for his job for a while, so we’re socking away as much of a deposit as we can right now.