Prime Time 7th Dec 2015


Requesting a bribe is not a crime?


He’s a fianna failer in all but party badge.
He even has the comb over.


No, he’s definitely Fine Gael. That party has a strong tradition of this kind of thing. Wait until you hear about the FG Minister Michael Lowry and the Moriarty Tribunal.


Yeah he was a Fianna Failer too really :nin


Did you not hear Drivetime this evening. They played some old footage of the bauld Hughie on that Monday night Frontline show that Pat Kenny hosted.
Kenny asked about Councillors approving developments on flood plains and did any of the Councillors in the crowd want to answer it. He said he’d answer that one. Basically he said that anyone buying on a flood plain knew what they were buying into…people buying houses weren’t fools. They knew the risks but also saw a good deal.
He also mentioned that the houses could be built on stilts as many places around the world did that for houses XX
Kenny was in shock!!!

He finished off by saying Councillors didn’t give planning permissions…that if houses were built in flood plains, that was the fault of the Planners


These Councillors are mental! They’re excuses when caught are GUBU

Word from Sligo tonight is that Queenan has resigned from FF, but remaining on as a Councillor


These are just the councilors who enable businessmen.
In some local towns the councilors are themselves the businessmen or developers who are enriched from the votes they make " in the public’s interest".


Bring back the Troika…we are incapable of governing ourselves


i wish i was shocked…


Can’t wait for Mick Wallace’s take on this.


He’s in Italy fermenting grapes on his, I mean his brother’s, vineyard


As the nice helpful councillor from Donegal said, begrudgers the lot of you! XX

EDIT (still watching it!):

Donegal councillor:

I’m not sure he has to worry that much; many other respectable businessmen have already let the secrets of this particular trade slip over the years…

Bloody hell, the nerve of these people.


Wasn’t that because he had a job to do?
The job of guvernment?
The job being to run a shambles of a country where gangsters in Local Guvernment are able and willing to sh*t on you because you are not one of them.
Where they are able to prevent you building a regular house on your own land.
Where they can haul you into meetings if you are an employee to check your ethics while they ethically abuse you verbally with unethical advice.

This is a closed shop.

It’s really time for a proper revolution at this stage.


Reminds me of this thread:



Coveney! A promising useless one. Does what he is told by his masters.


At some point the Irish people are just going to have to admit to themselves that their apathy is what enables most of these disgusting people. Corrupt scumbags know that it will be business as usual because Irish people almost never hold wrongdoers to account. "I didn’t like to say anything’’ is a commonly used phrase here when complaining about a perceived wrong (to a person who cannot do anything about it). This is an attitude on which wrongdoers depend.


Whilst I don’t agree with it the sad truth is most people look at these chancers and ask …what can they do for me?
a planning decision here, a job for the young lad there …a few quid back hander …a promise of a few votes.
Most will think … he was trying to attract investment in to the area …and sure if he pocketed a few quid … fair play to em.

Sure the whole country was at it …A vote for Bertie was a proxy vote for higher property prices.
whole regions do it …Michael Lowry

that’s Ireland folks …little bit of faux shock horror and then it’s back to business as usual.


When the politician goes canvasing the most common question is “what are you going to do for me?”, which is essentially a command for politicians to help themselves if it helps the individual voter. The voter just has to hope their horse comes in and if it does favours will be called in.


Guilty of saying that myself. Mainly to get a rise out of a canvaser, but there’s a little (bigger than little probably) that wants to know what I’m getting!


It’s not only about politicians. Some eejit on askaboutmoney was complaining that he was paying all the taxes due on his rental property and finding it hard to make ends meet, while his “mate” wasn’t paying a cent on his. When I suggested he could shop him to the Revenue he said he “couldn’t possibly do that to his mate”. I gave him Revenue’s phone number and told him to ring it or STFU. Some people just don’t connect the dots.