Prime Time 7th Dec 2015


I wonder could we make that clip of Councillor McElvaney go viral in the UK?

Under the heading “Ireland is open for business” or something?

A lot of the great unwashed seem to think it’s all great gas today, but a few “Look what the English are saying about us on Twitter” articles on the Journal might change that.

Like a mirror image of those “The foreigners is watching hurling and they think we’re mad yokes altogether” articles.


The key take away point for me was that one needs to be ultra alert to strategically placed boxes of Tesco tissues!


these lads are meant to be wheeler dealers, quick thinking fast talking cute hoors …so one can only conclude:

  1. they are in fact gullible gobshites
  2. It happens so often they got complacent

  1. They know that even if they’re caught on camera they won’t be prosecuted or even forced to resign their seats.


The doubt about what punishment if any they will ever face is a massive indictment of the FG Labour coalition. It’s just complete misrule.

The people who surrounded Joan’s car will get hit hard. But what will happen here?


Plus 1 to Blame Game above… most here label opponents of the Government as ‘looney left’ etc…the majority on this forum are FG supporters…part of the problem…shocked we are I tell ya, shocked…fuck off…



What’s the charge?

In a perfect world, the people who surrounded Joan’s car and the gombeen councilors would get their just deserts.


Enda Kenny appoints Phil Hogan as Minister for the Environment, February 2011

Minister Phil Hogan (FG) prevents external review of Planning Irregularities., - RTE June 2011

Minister Phil Hogan (FG) cancels internal inquiry into Planning irregularities., - March 2012

Minister Phil Hogan (FG) prevents planning probe into his own constituency, - Independent April 2012

Minister Phil Hogan (FG) undermining the work of Standards in Public Office Commission, - RTE December 2013

Minister Phil Hogan (FG) appointed seven Councillors to State Boards, - Breaking News July 2014

Enda Kenny nominates Phil Hogan as EU Commissioner for Agriculture, September 2014.


I find it deeply upsetting that, as I predicted, yesterday evening social media users were finding it all great craic, especially the video of that crook McElvaney set to dance music. That is what is fundamentally wrong in this country; the masses laugh about being robbed and cheated.


You’re asking me what the charge should be ?
That’s my point.
That waste of space Howlin or that waffling airhead Frances Fitzgerald should have laws on the statute books. That’s their f**king job.


I wonder how the process actually works here. Does a citizen have to go into a Garda station and report that a crime has been committed?


When I witnessed a pregnant woman being assaulted by a security guard at Heuston Station, I called the police (after being told by Irish Rail staff that she ‘probably did something to deserve it’). First question I was asked by the police was “Is she Irish or foreign?”, and then “Is the assault still ongoing?”. I answered ‘no’ to the latter, and was informed that the person who was assaulted would have to report the incident and that my call was of no use as the assault was not taking place at the time of speaking. If that is normal procedure, I don’t see how anybody could report crooked politicians to the police with success.


Calm down, calm down. All getting excited about the Gardai and the Establishment showing no interest in this…all in good time

Gardaí are now examining footage from the RTÉ Investigates sting … 0-Dec2015/

And no, I never heard of Tom Hayes either!


You’ve got the essence of the executive summary for the banking enquiry there.


And yet these ‘gullible gobshites’ are laughing all the way to their mattresses to stuff them with our money, etc., without any worry that they will be held accountable. What sort of gobshites does that make us?


Soliciting bribes?
If this isn’t a charge then send CAB after them,
Question 1 - where did you get the money for those of gaffs on a councillors salary?
Question 2 - What does that company you run actually do? Can you show us any purchase orders, receipts, you know paperwork?
Question 3 - Where is all your tax documentation?


I wonder how many other Councillors are connected to companies directly or indirectly that have contracts with the councils. I would wager that an enormous amount of council money goes to companies of family or friends. Id be interested to know if the 150k Tom McHugh received was value for money for the council and who evaluated the tender process.


Who do you think built all those roads in Kerry that Jackie got the money from Bertie a few years back :wink:

Kerry councillors Johnny, Danny and Michael Healy-Rae with a picture of their father in council chambers last night [2014].

From 2009:


You see, everyone thinks the Healy-Raes are thick, they certainly don’t dissuade you of the notion when on the telly but this above is grade A gangsterism! Brown envelopes pffftt the 90s called and want their corruption back.