Prime Time 7th Dec 2015


'Cos that needs detailed Garda forensics, no doubt :unamused:


eh honest ones !

I’m sure the lads regret getting caught out…and the fact that they did does imply they are in fact a bit thick vs the fast talking shrewd exterior …I mean showing your hand on the back of a cold call and a fake website …ffs!

defo lack of detection, enforcement and the fact that its common place does help of course …that’s the real story


That I.T. Healy Rae story is a load of shite.

So what if they got a load of work from the council. It’s only a story if they got business ahead when someone else should have gotten it.

The story is everything that’s wrong with Irish journalism. They present a list of figures and infer something nefarious.

Why didn’t they spend 30 minutes ringing the other plant hire companies listed and ask them for comment. Ask them for their take on the purchasing of equipment. At least then they might be able to provide some context. But then again, “Healy Rae’s own a plant hire company, competitors don’t see anything wrong” wouldn’t be a good headline would it?


I disagree. It’s a mixture of the following:
a) sheer laziness,
b) churnalism,
c) populism


Nope, it’s the libel laws.

You clearly don’t live down the country.


As I said earlier the Councillor Businessmen have a direct line to the county manager and know exactly where the annual budget will be spent and put themselves in the right place to receive it.
One local councillor has stepped down and now has a stooge in his place.


Instead they should just throw something out there with no supporting evidence?

  1. If there’s an issue then its incumbent on those being affected (the other hire firms) to bring this to attention. If there is an issue they need to back it up. This shouldn’t be difficult. If you own a business and you’re loosing business you should be able to back it up pretty bloody quickly. It’s not rocket since. Ask for copies of tenders. purchase receipts etc. It’s your business, you do all you can to maximize it.

  2. On the other hand, if the rivals state to the Newspaper that all is above board and they’ve no problem then it’s the obligation of the Newspaper to report as such.

In this case the I.T. did neither. They presented/reported a list of payments in a manner to infer something dodgy was going on.

If they didn’t want to do the work, then they shouldn’t have reported the “story”.

If you’re happy with that standard of reporting then good for you. I’m not.


No, i don’t live down the country. But when I lived in Dublin i wouldn’t expect someone from Kerry to fix my problems.

Edit, to be clear, I’m not defending the Rae’s, I’m having ago at the I.T. for not having any professional standards [there might be sizable amounts of irony in that statement]


I would have thought that a company in which a public representative owns a significant interest should not be allowed to bid for public business in the relevant area. The fact that the conflict of interest itself doesn’t even raise an eyebrow shows how low our ethical expectations are of our representatives.


This Councillor is both a developer and hire company owner. It was a bit like seeing his business name “evil corp” pasted everywhere in the locality.
His defenders would say that he was a great man and gave employment.


Why? That seems to be a statement designed to deal with “perceived corruption” not actual corruption.

A conflict of interest only arises if the public representative makes the decision on who the contract goes to.

Purchasing decisions should be made by procurement staff. They’re the first port of call if something is awarded incorrectly.


…meanwhile back in Ireland…


The interesting thing is that RTE found it so easy to get 3 guys to make complete eejits of themselves. Their method of finding them was simple - look for gaps in their declarations - why does SIPO not do anything like this? It’s obvious that failure to declare makes you open to corruption. Presumably companies out there are doing exactly the same thing. There is an election next year for sure - some of these councillors are likely to end up as TDs - perhaps even Government Ministers. The standards for declaration as a councillor are far lower than for a TD - if you want to get your bribes in early now is the time to do it. Once somebody has a taken a bribe they are much more open to another one (in fact the bribing party now has a hold over you).

In the last election it was a racing certainty that FG and Labour would be in power. So who would you have targetted? Are you naive enough to think it didn’t happen? Who would you be targetting this time? It might be a bit more unpredictable but it’s obviously not that difficult.

Simon Coveney - Minister for Agriculture and brother of Patrick Coveney CEO of Greencore - one of the largest agribusiness companies in the state. No evidence of anything going on but it doesn’t look good. If he was a Judge he would have to have recused himself.


well, Coveney is well got by the agri community as a good agriculture minister - and more to the point for all intents and purposes Greencore has nothing other than its HQ in Ireland

its really a UK and to a lesser extent US based Sandwhich maker - they have zero agri business interests in this country AFAIK


Wow! You’re blaming the protesters for the failings of the government?! That’s daft.


Joe Queenan, Sligo ex-ff Councillor from the RTE sting just appeared on Anton Savage show on Today FM
I can understand him not going on RTE and probably Newstalk as it wouldn’t have much listenership out West…but why Anton Savage and not Matt Cooper,say?

The cynic in me says that Mammy Savage, aka Terry Prone, might have been hired by Joe for some PR advice


Cllr Queenan now on Drivetime, discussing Nena :slight_smile:
car crash radio


JQ “The lovely Nena”!!!

JQ “With a general election coming I didn’t want to put pressure on the FF candidates Marc McSharry and Eamon Scanlon, I did the honourable thing and resigned from the party”
Mary Wilson “So will you do the honourable thing for the people of West Sligo and resign also”
JQ “I am here to represent the people of West Sligo who voted for me and they can decide at the next Council Elections whether I stay or go”

Some interview…whoever is giving him the PR advice here must be new to the game


Have you considered the possibility that someone else is “obscuring corruption and mismanagement” or just those that protest against it? This new Fine Gael line is a bit like the sexy kids excuse.

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Classy guy.