Prime Time 7th Dec 2015


Dodgy FG Councillor ( see earlier Pin stories on Tuam Credit Union under his chairmanship and sad tales of Cloughran or Clochran ghost estate in Tuam) Tom McHugh is suing RTE :smiley: … -1.2527302

I trust Tom has finally repaid Tuam Credit Union in full and that their members “human rights” are entirely safe now ??? … 11440.html

But the credit union has recovered some ‘written off’ loans in the last few years. More human rights for the good folks of Tuam are a good thing. Tom has some cheek given the state of that Ghost estate of his and the €200k of taxpayers money allocated for remediation of same only 2 years back. … t-funding/


Just for the benefit of those who don’t know about the “sexy kids” excuse.
This is an excuse given by those who would be implicated in pedophilia where they effectively blame those “sexy kids” for leading to their errant behaviour.

It is, to a degree, a form of victim blaming.


Not exclusive to Ireland:


The voters of Ballymote -Tobercurry have given Cllr. Queenan a renewed mandate. Stick that in yer SIPO.


Sickening. And the voters of that area have also given Michael Clarke (Ind) a mandate… again


Re-elected Councillor tells RTE to “go back to the swamp”!

RTÉ had attempted to “blacken and incriminate” him by playing “the real spicy bits”