Prime Time 7th oct

Good god, I cannot stand that woman anymore - she reckons there is a “suspicion” of insolvency among the banks. Aw, well f**king done Miriam - a suspicion, wtf, what is it about the majority of Irish public figures being unable to call things like they are - we need more people with balls to force the government’s hand and take the banks to task!

Miriam is a boorish loudmouth who is incapable of asking the right question most of the time and too rude to wait for the answer.

All she does is bark some polemic she has concocted and then interrupt the interviewee ad nauseum .

I never watch prime time in case she is on.

Unless of course you’re giving her the answer she wants -

She single handedly defeats the purpose of having decent commentators on the show…

I can confirm having met her once that Miriam has no balls.

Awful woman. But what would ye expect from a born-and-bred FFer? They’re all loudmouth blustering boors and bullies.

And nobody talks straight in this country. Simply telling it as it is, in any walk of life and in any situation, will cause everyone around you to have convulsions of horror, disgust and shame. Telling simple truths Just Isn’t Done, apparently. We always had this tendancy IMO, it just got exaggerated to ridiculous extremes during the Grand Delusion of the last decade.

I still say she has lovely eyes though!
Off message I know, but thought it was worth another mention.

The mainstream media is driving me crazy in at the moment. Ryan Tubridy wittering on about the German v Irish sense of humour this morning? Eh… Hello Mr 380K per annum?..The financial equivalent of Hurricane Katrina is going on around you and you are navel-gazing?

People are really scared and it is as though RTE is frozen in 2005.

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It was quite refreshing to listen to Alan Dukes and McWilliams last night on Q&A.
Come to think of it, Dukes would have been Taoiseach one day only for the fact that he was an intelligent man who spoke his mind, something which is frowned upon in this country.

She has a lovely bottom.
Um, of course they all have lovely bottoms.

Her arrogance is almost as bad as her accent. I can’t quiet place it - a little bit of Mrs. Bouquet and
a little bit American.

I was held back from punching that little twerp once, way back when we both were in UCD, early 90s. I’ve regretted not flooring the wee git ever since. True story.

He’s even more smug, obnoxious and annoying in real life than he appears on the telly.

And, of course, he is yet another scion of a famous FF family with no talent, being funded by the taxpayer in yet another FF welfare scheme for The Family.

All Irish women or just all RTE presenters? Either way, it’s very generous of you.

What is it about RTE “personality” interviewers,who taught them to ask a question and then 2 words into an answer they are interrupting with another bloody question,this is particular to RTE1 in the am,Pat Kenny is a past master at delighting in hearing his own voice as he asks and interrupts in the same breath as are all the clowns on morning Ireland.
This type of boorish interviewing does not make you a Brian Farrell,it just makes you sound like a self important,bad mannered prick.

Missed it - what happened?

A lot of truth has been spoken in this thread.

Alan Dukes? You jest surely.

I’m no fan either but I can’t actually back up any criticism with anything I could let go into the public arena, so substantiate away…

I have my own personal opinion of the man.

Nah, I’ve no personal dealings with Duke whatever, I base my judgment purely on my observations of his stretch as Minister for Finance/(Hardship) during the '80’s, - admittedly, a difficult period in which to be a Minister for Finance/(Hardship).

Unfortunately I heard that too :confused: Have to agree wholeheartedly - the media are as usual doing a shit job.

I was tempted to do that at the Electric Picnic as it was the first time I was close to him in person.
Even considering that he has some sort of connections, I really do not understand how he is given time on TV and radio.

I’m actually a big fan of ‘Smokey’ Dukes. He is capable and informed which is more than what can be said for some of the gombeens in the Daíl. Of course the great Irish public voted him out of office.