Prime time creche expose

Anyone watching this?

Absolutely horrific. If my child was in there, I’m not sure I could have avoided doing GBH to someone there.

Makes you wonder how widespread this is in creches where there’s no undercover filiming/whistleblowers

Tut Tut… Violence is not the answer :wink:
Some of the staff are not cut out for the job and need locking up. Having said that i have seen much worse parents.

It’s hard to believe the way those child are treated. One of those women is just throwing toddlers around! How many women are re-thinking their careers tonight?

Shocking, but unfortunately not surprising.
It’s not an easy job at the best of times, but some of the staff were a disgrace!

As a parent not gifted with the longest of fuses, I tend to be more understanding than most as to how kids can drive you up the wall but 80% of the ill treatment shown here is completely inexcuseable. That woman picking up toddlers and throwing them down on the mattress with considerable force while screaming ‘LIE DOWN’ turned my stomach.

One obvious managment failure which seems designed to cause impatience in staff was making their break time dependant on when the smallies go for a nap. Wouldn’t fancy being the smallie who needs less sleep than the rest…

Ah - and as long as we remain property price obsessed, two parents working to fund an over-priced gaff with the kid in an under-staffed creche will mean a sh*t sandwich for all - welcome to Ireland…

{dons flame resistant jacket}

I take it the programme avoided addressing or even ventilating the broader moral question of why society has “evolved” to consider it acceptable for the care of toddlers to be sub-contracted to profit making corporations?

Beat me to it…

Or the distribution of work when you have some families with no parent working and others with both parents working because you’re penalised under the tax system.

Have a look at this, search for ‘foster’ - remember reading something about this in a more reliable source i.e. a book. Seems the ‘corporation’ model is long standing in Ireland, only the ‘profit’ definition has changed.

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We are at the point of considering childcare options and personally I’ve considered staying at home. I haven’t completely ruled it out yet. The costs charged for childcare has really made me consider the benefits versus the disadvantages of both of us remaining working. Obviously you can’t put a number on a lot of the variables.

I remember from a couple of years ago that the salary needed to get a welfare dependent parent with two kids to take up a job would have to be paying €45k (or thereabouts) per annum to make it worthwhile. Not sure what that number is now.

PS: This programme made my OH cry. You bastards.

I would have thought that minding children in a group is more positive and normal than minding them on an atomised basis…isn’t this how tribes do it…isn’t it entirely natural ?

Of course in a tribe the outsourcing is probably assigned to certain mothers who have a child in the group. Is that the solution ? Have a few mothers in the mix to keep an eye on the child minders who have no blood link?

Without downplaying the seriousness of this (the last clips were horrible and Links should be answerable for this), did it also strike anyone else that there were any amount of overseers, ‘quality’ people and inspectors on the programme - and on the subsequent discussion? And isn’t this symptomatic of how so many things are organised in this country? Disaffected, overworked, hassled and underpaid staff (and the commenters noted this), not enough of them, managed and ‘regulated’ by layer upon layer of ineffective managers, quangos and reviewers?

This is what was going through my mind as well. The bubble and continuing property obsession with property has a social consequences of such magnitude. This childcare scandal is just one of them. Elizabeth Warren springs to mind with two Frazzled parents working and commuting every hour to afford that precious house.
Nothing has been learned.

Why parents put their kids into creches is a completely different issue. The issue here is that parents expect, are promised and pay a high price for a service that is clearly not being provided for their children.

Other costs (housing!) and limited supply mean parents are trammeled by price. They do not have the means to choose based on service alone…

“Every child matters”

It’s why they put them in the mcdonalds of creches that worries me - these ‘chain’ creches are all about the profit from what I can make out. Employing cheap labour and having high children to staff ratio’s.