Prime Time Investigates Monday May 25th 9.30

Just a heads up on the program

Barry O’Kelly reports on the shocking reality facing many Irish families in the wake of the economic crisis, from soaring job losses to home repossession.

Should be good one week from an election.

Queue the FF’ers out tomorrow telling anyone who’ll listen in Rural Ireland about dem
RTE Anti-FFers in Dublin.

If Woods can blame the Brit’s for “forcing” the Christian Brothers to abuse kids
there is obviously no low that they won’t stoop to.

Incidently Wood’s claim is a lie (I know, shocker, right?).


First couple up, no mortgage, renting, husband lost job as a chef, waiting on the dole to come through. Got to use rent money for food.

Second segment. Developer telling crew he will probably have to let some of them go. 11 million in debt, needs to sell apts to cover debt.

It only took about 10 minutes for protectionism / ‘look after the Irish first’ to come up…

Segment on homeless guy who cant make does meat.

Billy Flynn smoking in the office, right, right,right!

That insolvency guy certainly has some scary statistics…Phew! :neutral_face:

A few unsecured loans. I guess we will be picking up that tab.

I wish they’d disclose the landlord dudes legal trouble. I think that is a key part of his story.

Looks like Viper collection agency is gonna feature in part 2.

Using a house on Pembroke Rd as a hostel

Cheers, must have dozed off for that part :slight_smile:

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Reality sucks.

Nice one Vel.

Another bad case, she seperated from her husband, remortgaged and then could never afford to pay the mortgage. Where’s the husband’s liability in this?

I hate this “oh they’re going to leave us homeless” “we could be out on the side of the street in a tent”. You’re going to feckin well rent like most people…boo hoo.

And it turns out she hasn’t paid the mortgage for 5 years…! What does she want?

It is tough watching this. Especially the woman who lost her house through separation.

Here she is. … 28848.html