Prime Time looking for opinions on the property market


Ken O’Shea here – I’m a Producer with RTE’s Prime Time. We are currently preparing a special program on Ireland’s economy, to be broadcast on Thursday, May 1st.
As part of this program, we will be examining the Irish property market, and how it has changed over the last 12 months or so. We are currently looking for participants who would be willing to talk to us – on camera – about their personal experiences in the Irish property market.
Perhaps you are finding it difficult get on the property ladder, or have bought in the last two years and now find that you are in – or approaching - a negative equity situation. Or perhaps you are currently trying to trade-up or sell out and are having difficulty because of the current state of the market. Perhaps you believe the market is very robust and think that talk of a crash is way off the mark.
I would be most grateful to hear from people – from any part of the country - who would be willing to talk to us on this issue.
I can be contacted in the following ways:

Phone: 01-2083157 (desk)
Mobile: 087-9874966

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing from you. .

Ken O’Shea
Prime Time
Dublin 4

Jaze, Ken, make an effort if you’re trying to entice Pinsters! Very few people here belong to the demographics you’ve described. Is this shoddiness an indicator of the quality of the program you’re making?

OTOH, if the Pin gets an airing, RTE is in for a surprise!

Hobo, it seems to me that there’s a pretty varied bunch on the pin, and given the example of MortgageBroker in the MSM, I don’t see a request for opinions from the pin as a bad thing.

For he hath summoned acolytes of the Pin!

…perhaps you’re as happy as larry renting and watching from the sidelines while an overblown bubble of a market collapses in on itself…

Cop onto yourself Hobo Sapiens, posters often comlain about a lack of (or one sided) mainstream media coverage on this site. Heres your chance to correct this and you’d rather criticise.

Read the intro section and you’ll see alot of people are in the positions mentioned.

Amen to that.

Poor old Ken get’s hammered every time he asks for volunteers on the Pin. I hammered him the last time.

But this time I’ll leave him alone, this sounds like it could be a good show.

If RTE want some serious fun a special with a studio audience made up of bulls and bears, owners, renters and investors, would be fantastic.

Get Tom Parlon, David McWilliams and a couple of “leading” economists on there to debate what’s going on. For a bit of fun let the Audience vote at the end for who made the most sense.

Maybe David McWilliams might offer to sell his house to Tom Parlon on a leaseback arrangement. Tom’s in the market for a buy to let I hear.


We have an economy *beyond *the property market? :open_mouth: Wow. Go Celtic Tiger!

But facetiousness aside, here’s how I see our economy:

  1. Massive public sector
  2. Multinationals
  3. Contruction & related industries
  4. Non-tradable services (aka the Dundrum Town Centre)
  5. The rest (agri, tourism, indiginous industry)

This situation is absolutely fine, as long as nobody metions the little matter of wealth creation. At that point, the streams cross and the universe implodes in around itself.

Ok, that was also pretty facetious…but in general terms, that is genuinely how I see the bind we are in.

Hi Ken,

There are plenty of people hear you might want to talk too , best thing is spent a while reading through previous posts. The “Sell, Buy or Rent?” forum would be a good place to start.

I am surprised by some of your comments especially this one.

“Perhaps you believe the market is very robust and think that talk of a crash is way off the mark.”

This sort of talk is just soooo… 2007. The market has allready crashed. Places are allready going for 25 percent cheaper than the peak of 2006.

Hi Ken,

Take the gloves off, drop the property ladder references forever, go in hard and I’m behind you. Leave no survivors to blind faith.

This is your chance, the glory of the nation and its kingdom come is yours surely! The whistle blower who found his tune set the siren whaling!

Least our tax money continues to support said national pyramid scheme a few minutes longer :unamused:

In fairness folks, if we blast the media for allowing Tom Parlon, Dan McLaughlin, Austin Hughes et al free rein, then we should welcome the opportunity to challenge them.

I’m raging I’m away to Malta that day… well no, I’m not really!!! :smiley:

The point is that O’Shea’s request is clearly a mass mail-out. He might have made more effort (or had more ‘cop-on’).

Yep it reads like that, a real call to arms wha!

You might also find some useful figures for the show here

Or maybe even some leads on people who have had to drop their prices significantly.

I’d invite Ken and the camera’s around to my rented “Crib”.

But I’d be afraid some fecker watching would take a liking to my Plasma.

Oh! the irony of paying a TV licence and having RTE cause my TV to get stolen, and then having the whole thing reconstructed on Crimewatch.


I really hope some pinsters take Ken up on this, its a real opportunity for level headed discussion about the market and a chance to challenge the BS merchants out there that no doubt will be on the programme too…you know who I mean…

**Ask Brendan


How’s that balanced summary working out for him?

Well maybe Prime Time could run a program on how all the “VI’S” suckered
Joe six pack into taking out 40 year “debt bomb’s” on shitty one bedroom shoeboxe’s