Prime Time looking for opinions on the property market

Guys guys that AAM post was from last year, not in response to this thread.


Listen here Ken, the internet is revolutionising the media, you already failed the Irish TV REGISTRATION FEE PAYERS miserably over the past few years
the market stalled early to mid 2006

You better try and redeem yourself or someday people will turn their backs on mainstream media and even refuse to pay tv licenses for shite be out of a job then huh.

Hi Ken

What’s a property ladder and how does it work? I hear a lot about it from the media, but I prefer meaningful explanations to catchy buzzwords.

Perhaps the program should open with an invited ‘expert’ like Tom Parlon or Austin Hughes to explain ‘the property ladder’ to the plain people of Ireland using facts and figures from today’s market.

Ask them to extrapolate their ‘findings’ in terms of predicted annual house price inflation over 10 years and relate those predictions directly to projected growth in annual incomes.

Hopefully the whole thing won’t turn out to be a speculative debt fueled pyramid scheme spurred on by aggressive lending and unchallenged guff continually spouted by an entirely compliant & complicit media.

quote all the spin from 1-2 yrs ago and ask why they are all wrong and keep getting it wrong, losing cred and telling falsehoods.

He should get plenty responses

I’ll be honest it sounds like typical RTE fare, just for balance we get Tom Parlon + a property economist or IAVI representative in the red corner, with Richard Curran, Jim Power, Alan Aherne or Morgan Kelly in the blue corner against a background of the young FTB couple with a newborn child, whose Dad has not had any work since Christmas as the work has dried up, they are trapped in a two bed apartment on the outskirts and can’t sell. Followed by Q & A in which politicians get to grandstand.

What is needed now is a cold emotionless presentation entitled “It all stopped suddenly, what on earth just happened?
The presenter should set out in layman’s terms, where we got the cheap money, why it stopped flowing and then start with the interviewing the bankers, the developers, the builders, the estate agent/mortgage broker, the investors and the recent buyers in that order.
The presenter can intersperse this with data showing the scale of the problems in the market and economy.
By the end of the presentation nobody should be in any doubt of the predicament we are in and should end with some searching questions not about who is to blame but about the way forward…

Not on there he won’t :slight_smile: Thread closed.

I wonder if they banned him…

I can write the script now

  1. Sombre music playing over a residential construction site
  2. Some scary graphs showing lines going down (always bad news)
  3. Human interest story “we bought this 1 bed in Carlow for a million, now it’s only worth 2pence and our 4th child is on the way.”
  4. David McWilliams and Tom Parlon in studio have the same argument with the same rehashed answers as they’ve been having for a year.

What we should have is

  1. Sombre music playing while showing a shot of empty apartments bought by “investors”
  2. A recap of the quotes from VIs over the past year (see the VI quotes thread)
  3. The many definitions of a soft landing, from rising at the rate of inflation to falling “only” 20%
  4. Shots of Trichet and the other central bank governors with their quotes overlayed over the quotes of Irish VIs
  5. Illustrate how a combination of the VIs, the Government and the Media have combined to feed off the property bubble and the misfortunates who just wanted to buy a home.
  6. Shots of Bertie telling people to kill themselves (but not before buying a house) and the recent speech by Donnie Cassidy in the Senate.
  7. An economist in studio who is not David McWilliams and who does not work for an EA or a bank to tell us the real story as to what is happening and what will happen over the next year. Or George Lee if you can’t find an honest economist who isn’t completely tainted by his quotes from last year.

I don’t know if RTE would release a programme that would take people through 3 stages of a market crash cycle in 60 minutes!

Comical Austin and Desperate Dan would stage a coup!!!

I think we may have scared Ken away!!
Can’t imagine he will return to reply to any of us

Don’t think that was his intention, program researchers often use bulletin boards for research and getting in touch with people. You can contact him directly using the contact details provided.

I know, mores the pity, because there is such a wealth of information available to frame the effects in context.

I just love the irony that it is Mod called ‘Mugs Game’ who locked it. :slight_smile:

Maybe we should all be producers for Prime Time because the ideas are all going to be ripped from this thread…

I’m strongly voting this for the outro music…

With pictures of Il Duce leaving office and one of his dirty big grins…

“Tribunals, sure they where a terrible idea!!! Hahahaha!!!”

The above is what the show should contain although it probably wont.

If you’re reading this Ken, you should really give serious consideration to what has been posted above, or something along those lines.

This is going to be THE story of the next Irish decade. Public life over the next few years will be consumed with the results of the property crash and its associated consequences.

Thus far the media has been utterly complicit in aiding and abetting the financial rape of a generation by Vested Interests connected to the Property game. That same generation are likely to get angry when they kop on to the direction that their lives are moving in from here on out. As the national broadcaster, and in the true tradition of public service, it would be great if RTE could be the one to blow the lid off this.

Even at this stage you could actually save some people from signing away the next decade of their lives.

If you doubt any of this, have a look at this thread which documents the PR that the many cheerleaders of the boom have been spouting for sometime now. Compare what they were saying last year and the year before to what has taken place since and place it in the context of what they are saying now. Remember also that many of these people have made a lot of money from the whole debacle. Some may even appear on your show.

Eventually people are going to demand answers as to why our so called economy has gone into prolonged reverse. Somebody sometime is going to provide them with those answers. Why not you and why not now?

If you dont Sir Anto will soon enough.

Does this mean geckko is off now that the pin is going mainstream?

nah - Mozart - Requiem - Dies irae

Monty Python’s Always Look on the Bright Side of Life?

A day spent cruising this forum will give Ken all the info he needs. Hey, they might even give us a mention. 8)

Why doesn’t Ken just follow up with all punters who were adults and needed getting out there and who bought in the past few years to see how they are getting on. There must be a rolodex knocking around Montrose somewhere with their contact details on it, unless that particular show is proving such an embarrassment to them now that in a display of Stalinists discipline all knowledge of said programme have been erased from memory.

I don’t doubt that some of the subjects for a variety of reasons not exclusive to house prices are happy about there decision to buy but there must be some sob stories as well what with 100% mortgages sought, offered and accepted, apartments bought, location Gorey etc. etc. etc.

Hi Ken
I’d like to back up the suggestions of others that your number one participant should be Senator Donie Cassidy after his recent comments to the Senate that:

“We have a duty to tell first-time house buyers, young couples with no previous experience, that there is unbelievable value in the marketplace today. It will not last forever. It is never the wrong time to do the right thing. I offer the House the benefit of my experience and my opinion which is all any Member can do. I will remind the House, perhaps in 12 or 18 months, when prices have again increased by 25% or 30%, that they were told this by the Leader of the House on this historic day, the tenth anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement.” … All&Page=4

If you can get Senator Cassidy on, it would be very helpful if you could make sure the cameras go particularly close up while he’s being interviewed, just so viewers can see any blinking, gulping, coughing, wriggling or sweating that might be going on.