Prime time now Tues night the Lynn and Byrne

Tune in now amazing stuff

When Comical Austin mentioned the magic duo “Done and Dusted” this time last year I honestly had NO idea he was talking about Byrne and Lynn.

Comical is truly a legend . I SAY A LEGEND I SAY …dammit.

I was disappointed the noble folks down at the Law Society could not appear on the show. It would have been fun to see them try and explain to us how self regulation works fine and dandy… :wink:

The best bit had to be the single-storey ex corpo place in the North-Inner City (circa 1930’s?) that had E10million of mortgages secured on it. The Maynooth line suburban train passing overhead just as the presenter came to the door was hilarious!

Yes! That would be an ecumenical matter! :wink:

A link would be much appreciated gentlemen if someone knows where it is when it becomes available. Thanks

link available now

Thank you Sir

Very good work by the primetime folks, fascinating stuff.
Would almost make the licence fee plus the contribution to beverly cooper flynn personal fund worth it.

Alright! These Gentlemen did make a cock-up of their practices and invested in property at the wrong time. They also seemed to try and paper over their mistakes by robbing Peter to pay Paul type antics.

These characters are private individuals who have made mistakes. The whole apparatus of an already wounded society will come down on them. Full National TV programmes being aired on their businesses. They are small fry in a pond that had to soak up a sudden inward investment of an unseemly amount of inward investment into the Irish Mortgage Industry:

This money caused strains in Banking: money was handed out so fast that adequate checks on security became lax; Money handed out to Couples who would literally have to work flat out for the rest of their working lives to pay back the loan - this to me is the real scandal, which society is missing out on.

This money caused strains in the legal profession. Not only did they have a great increase in Conveyancing, but the Banks shoved the onus on them to look after the bank’s own security. New Estates were hopping up all over the place on previous farming land suddenly zooned residential and/or commercial. The legal work must have being a nightmare.

This money caused strains for Planners. Their previous work in planning an orderly society was being overturned at every crossroads in the country. They did not know whether they were on their heads or heels. As well as that, their planning decisions were constantly being overturned by political patronage right throughout the land. The result is young people living in overpriced houses, having to commute from anything up to a hundred miles to work. The whole world and its mother know that fuel resources are finite. Also, it would not surprise me if they have to pay further fuel tax as a penalty for using petrol in order to meet the Kyoto targets.

This money caused strains for weaker members of our society who were led by the euphoria in connection with the property boom. Small Buy-to-Let and Property Speculators and Builders are now all caught in possible Net Equity situations right throughout the whole country. The expectations generated in a so called financially sophisticated country was scandalous to say the least. No attempt was made by the authorities to put a cap on these expectations; citizens were left high and dry by a government who seemed to have washed their hands of any responsibility for the resulting disaster

The buck for the above stops no place! But individual members of society caught up in the resulting maelstrom will be crucified in the media for circus entertainment for the masses.

I’m sensing sympathy for people who’s profession should have afforded them the kind of comfortable lifestyle that the vast majority of people can only dream of, and who’s greed caused them to throw it all away, because a few million wasn’t enough, they needed 10’s of millions.

They broke the law. They put innocent people at risk of losing their homes, their life savings, and in some cases more than their life savings.

While I might have some sympathy for the other group you are championing (the individual families who’ve borrowed more than they should). I can have no sympathy whatsoever for those who tried to build a house of cards that could reach the sky.


I agree with the above wholeheartedly. I tend to view the present situation over a longer horizon and in the broader scheme of things. I watched the present scenario unfold over the past twenty years, ever since the use of artificial contraception(AC) became widespread in Ireland. I completely abhorred the scenario developing where young couples could be commercially exploited because they could put off having children to pay back the mortgage.

The first generation of post AC borrowers were fortunate to a small extent in that inflation lessoned the impact of mortgage repayments as the years went by. Society then accepted higher mortgages, but seemingly did not want to know the long term consequences of its actions. What little inflation we have will have little effect on lessoning the burden of repayments. In fact, the ECB and Aged Europe will not want inflation to diminish the value of their pensions; it is very likely that interest rates will increase. The effect of this is that the period of a mortgage when things get a bit easier to manage is deferred further into the third decade of a couple lives. It gets more and more difficult to have children, from a biological as well as from a financial point of view.

The real massive problem for the security, welloffness of the Capitalist World is the aging of society. Only the pure ignorant and mentally incapable will not see the future gigantic upheaval associated with this scenario. The legacy that we are leaving to future generations is a f-----d up world where warfare, and exploitation of the elderly will take the place of the exploitation of the young which we are going through now. The whole scenario, via an imminent period of living under the watchful eye of Big Brother, will implode from within and without.

You see. I view the Byrne and Lynn as a minor blip in the above context. Yes, you are right! I have a bit of sympathy for them because I fleetingly met one of them many years ago, when we were doing a bit of voluntary work for a charitable organisation. So I guess the personal touch wins over the cold hearted criticism of just writing here without any knowledge of the accused. I guess I would not be picked for jury service and I do not rejoice when anyone has a fall!

You probably met them before the legal profession had corrupted them, and turned them from being merely in thrall to criminals to being actual criminals.

I weep!

WTTR did it ever occur to you that people never wanted huge families. You’re confusing cause and effect. The cause of smaller family units is that people don’t want large ones. The effect of this desire the widespread availabilty of contraception.

None of my peers would want to have a large family. We’re not even at the stage where financial decisions come into play it’s just that the girls I know have other desires and goals in life.

I’m sure he realises that people don’t want large families, that’s why he regrets the removal of the ban on contraception. Fie on personal choice! If people were forced to have large families, then houses wouldn’t cost as much and we could have one-income families again.


I rejoice when criminals are caught.
I rejoice when hypocrites are exposed.

It makes the world a little safer, and a little better for the rest of us.

BTW: I’ve got to hand it to you, you’re ability to protray contraception as the root cause of all the evils discussed here is impressive. I don’t agree with you, but I admire your tenacity. :wink:


That’s because of the Civil Service Act 1973. Married women were allowed to work for the Civil Service! What followed was they got ideas above their station - that being one of a baby-making-large-family-machine.

In fairness to WTTR he is touching on a valid point (over and over again :wink: ). I dont see it as a problem that people choose to have no children or have less children. The problem is when the right to choose is taken away from them. The society we now live in seems to have taken such a choice away from most couples, unless they opt for poverty. It has also taken away the option of home ownership from the vast majority of single people. Effectively, unless you are a professional couple in steady employment (both of you) you do not have the right to exercise the power to chooce your own future. Renting in this country does not provide the degree of long term security that home ownership does. I read constantly how market capitalism is all about allowing people the freedom to choose etc etc. I find it hard to reconcile that idea with what we are witnessing in market economies in the day thats in it.

The birthrate has been declining since the 80’s, I honestly don’t think that high property prices has anything to do with most of that drop.

Plenty of families rent too, or get council housing. Its not ideal, but it works for them. I don’t think its fair to say that people are forced not to have more children by high prices. They choose it.

Blaming it all on contraceptives though is disingenuous at best. Everyone’s entitled to their own beliefs though and to state their case (as often as they like :wink: )