Primetime - 1 May 2008

I think this is it folks - Cats out of the bag now - entering panic

A few years ago, when the Wexford child abuse scandal was all over the radio and newspapers, it wasnt until the power of the box was invoked that it went mainstream

Expect a similar recation after tonights offering

EDIT - that should of course read fear as opposed to panic

Curran calling 2010 as the bottom - optimistic, imo.

I thought it was pretty weak. Few facts, just chat. The US interlude wasn’t put into context. I don’t think it’ll make any difference to public attitude.

When people meet Miriam in the supermarket they tell her not to talk down the economy!

It’s all the doom-mongers fault.

Couple of points:

The program was too short so a lot of the points came across as incoherent
RTE was trying to avoid offending sectional interests (as usual).
Miriam O’Callaghan was the wrong person for that interview she was clueless especially when she had contributors like Mike Wallace and Gerry McCaughey telling it like it is.

Agreed, thought it was pretty weak also.

It certainly did no more than graze the surface but it did move us out of denial.

The lack of the usual suspects will probably add a bit more credibilty to the program. Was dreading hearing DMcW’s contribution and the subsequent rubbishing the program would have received - “arrah shure a stopped clock is right twice a day you know”.

Been a long time since my last post, been sitting and watching all the comments these last months. Since spring 2006 I read the insights of our esteemed posters (GB, CP, UWG to name just a few) when the Pin was young, all that was said then is only now out and its just the start, some of the things we are seeing here is just like it was in the US last year, its serious panic here. Anyway, my last post is just one to say … THANK YOU to the PIN, I sold up in Aug 2006 and have no intentions of buying for quite some time. Take care all…and long live the PIN…

‘truth has no special time, its only time is when its most inconvenient to those who tried to hide it’

unfortunately those who were lured and not saved will suffer most.

I was impressed listening to these two, especially McGaughey. I think Miriam was surprised that he wasn’t in the Tom Parlon mould. The guy made a lot of sense.

Weak to you though maybe?

A report that seemed to pull punches for you might put the heebie-jeebies up someone else?

Yeah I got the impression he wanted to cut loose and would have had a lot to say given the opportunity. I don’t think Miriam picked up on it.

I was looking forward to the show and must say I was very disappointed, it was weak, poorly constructed with a poor panel with the exception of the realists like R Curran and G Lee. Still we are floundering around expecting the miracle cure for our hangover but until that arrives we have decided to put our heads under the pillow and sleep it off. I just hope somebody has set the alarm in case we sleep it out. :confused:

By the sounds of what he had to say the Developers are holding out the hope that the govt will pull a rabbit out of the hat with the affordable housing scam. Hopefully they won’t.

Let’s not forget that the SVdP lady used “someone whose dishwasher has broken” as an example of the stresses some poor misfortunates are in. I don’t own a dishwasher, I must be so far below the poverty line I’m not even on their radar :frowning:

Miriam has lovely eyes.

Typical RTE biting investigative journalism: don’t ask a question when you can profer an accusation instead. What little time he was given was mostly in defense of his profiting from the property boom, ignoring the fact that he is now investing said profits in new businesses, hence helping to fuel the economy in new directions.

While it could have been stronger, the empty estates, empty scaffolding yard, George Lee’s take, the woman from the Vincent de Paul will be enough to send a chill down the average punter’s spine. Remember most do not read the PIN and have been fed on a diet of VI soundbites thus far. Although I agree that Roubinis take was presented with little or no context as to who he was or why he was saying what he did.

I thought it interesting to see the first undercurrent of the apportioning of blame. O’Callaghan actually put it to the two VIs that it was their fault that many people were now in negative equity and they were squirming quite visibly. One went on the attack in response. Although she was clueless in cutting Wallace off when he was about to tear into the Governments Section 23 policy. There was also reference made to the provision of false information by the VIs with regard to prices, again the undercurrent being that people have been had.

The whole thing was set up to signal “End of an Era” with the initial shots of the boom years being presented like an episode of Reeling in the Years ie past tense.

While we mightnt like to admit it, a half hour of doe-eyed fluff from Miriam will have more of an impact than the insights of contributors to the PIN. At the very least it has blown the lid off the chinese whispers and will have now set the current agenda as how best to position ourselves post-slump/recession (2010 according to the programme) as opposed to debating whether said slump actually exists.

Dont underestimate the power of the box…

Nouriel Roubini on RTÉ! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: 8DD

Aye it was weak on analysis, but I suppose that’s not the point. If you want intelligent economic analysis, you come to the Pin. The purpose of that programme was to tell the general public that things are bad, very bad.

Some good points, mentions of the empties at long last, they demonstrated how so much of the economy was based around and feeding off the construction monster and how everyone else is going to get taken down with it.

But when asked “So what do we do?” there was just a lot of meaningless waffle and rabbit-in-the-headlights stares.

I suppose most of them are still struggling with the old cognitive dissonance though. McCaughey seemed to be closest to the penny dropping when he mentioned how the Tiger MkI was built on manufacturing and exports, but then veered off into blether again. Still, tis progress of a sort. I suppose we should be grateful for any small dose of reality we get after the last few years of la-laa-land.

The hirsute developers last comment about “building a better society” was an attempt at garnering her affection by showing his sensitive side.

Still though. Roubini on RTE!!!