PrimeTime 22/1/08 DMcW gives it with both barrels

The blame game starts here apparently,banks, brokers and the government your cards have been marked according to our man in switzerland !
The opposition fares no better IMHO and as far as labours “begin to buy” or whatever they were calling their completely stupid policy a couple of economic experts wouldn’t go astray.

Features appearance Daftwatch and IPW … 8,null,230

It was a pretty good show last night.
Ausit said a few bits of nonsense as did Parlon. DMcW called them on the new VI jargon (ie the new “soft landing” phrase - healthy correction). Much of what he said could have been lifted directly from this site.

What I think you meant to say is that much of what is said on this site is lifted directly from David McWilliams! :wink:

Parlon thought he could lob one mcW’s way by saying that people who ignored his advice lost out, it was similar to the post left on mcW’s site.

Maybe the cif have employed an internet thug to go onto forums and spew the shit.

i heard Austin state rents had increased by 25% in some areas.
Hmmm, couldnt help thinking that he was a little bit behind the curve on that one.

Better to lose out than be chucked out.

The people who supposedly lost out seem relatively happy about their lot, and about how things are going.

The same can’t be said about the many of the people with Mortgages. Some of the lucky ones only have to put up with the knowledge that their neighbours borrowed 70K less. That’s not the end of the world.
The unlucky ones don’t even live in their home anymore.

A soft landing is when your arse hits the lawn instead of the footpath after an eviction.


Actually it’s 6 to one, half a dozen the other, David McWilliams does pickup idea’s from here sometimes and develop them in his articles. The mainstream media in Ireland does monitor this site, and has on occasion used content that’s originated from pin contributors in their articles.

You see a fair bit of cross fertilisation between DMcW and the Pin and thats fair enough , I don’t care if he lifts something I say and uses it . I get the feeling Matt Cooper stops by too 8) .

Both are providing a valuable windbag deflating service to the public and both have a greater reach than the Pin. 2pack is glad to help in any case .

My only real objection to McWilliams was when he introduced a mad plethora of clichés in a series he did some time back like Loofah Larry and Fair Play Pat . I got really sick of them, far too pop. It may have been the popes children series .

He is sounding more like a wise uncle nowadays and it works better than the clichés.

Im starting to actually like the guy as opposed to just tolerating him

Now you can’t bear to give the man and others like him, some credit, where credit is due so you have to resort to those who refered to him and others as valid sources :unamused:

People will always be drawn to tho those who hold similar beliefs and he appears to have some expereince behind him which gives him a bit of credibility. I found myself initlaly repelled by the man, for whatever reason, but when I began to listen to him I realise he was inquiring into trends and things I was seeing happen around me very early on.

Some people can see

You must understand this. Believe me I am sure I am not the only one who was seeing the things we are all talking about a long time ago well before it was a topic of conversaiton for most.

Yes the majority will always like to watch the witch burning but there will always a few who stand back and say *“alas what happens when people realise they where never witches…” *

Not everyone can see you must surely understand that.

Unashamed McWilliams fanboy here. He was the only one saying publicly what I was thinking in my little brain going back as far as 2000 if not earlier.

In my recollection George Lee , Morgan Kelly, Richard Curran etc were later to the game and far less vocal.

I can see how his writing and delivery style would annoy people, but it’s what he’s saying as opposed to how he’s saying it that I focus on.

After all these years seeing him letting rip on national television with Country Tom and Comical Austin shifting nervously in their seats like rabbits under a spotlight was a pretty defining moment in the unravelling of the binge.

I think he is an excellent spokesman for the anti-bubble anti-property VI demographic.

He always comes across as calm, reasoned and rational unlike the shrill, defensive, don’t dare say anything bad - or you’ll talk us into a recession guff that has become the hallmark of the VIs.

I have actually liked McWilliams from the start.
He is of the same generation as me - albeit a few years ahead. We experienced the tail-end of the crap in the early 90s, emigrated to the continent (not England/US) and came back (although I left again).
He realizes how utterly backward Ireland is compared to the continent, and was utterly exasperated at how people just threw their cash
into property as soon as the economy took off, without ever rebuilding the country’s infrastructure. These used to be frequent themes in Agenda on Tv3.
IMO, there’s not enough commentators of his ilk in Ireland; far too much Boston and not enough Berlin in the media and public life.

"Now you can’t bear to give the man and others like him, some credit, where credit is due so you have to resort to those who refered to him and others as valid sources :unamused: "

Now now openwindow thats a bit unfair!!All I said was that much of his preachings are rolled out here on a regular basis.I do admire/respect the guy,he took an unpopular stance early on,but lets not forget that he too is a beneficiary!By adoptin g a controversial and somewhat unpopular stance he has raised his profile to new heights and become a celebrity as a result.How much money has he made from his books,t.v shows,speaking engagements etc???Fair play to him,I would,nt begrudge anyone that,but this must be acknowledged by even the most blinkered of pinsters.

I’m also glad he has toned down the crap and just sticks closer to the facts now. I was disappointed he didn’t mention to Austin that IIB had originally predicted 6% for 2007 so he was actually out by 17% so how could he have any credability after that. Still as mentioned DMcW gets the message out there. I used to change the channel when he was on. A few years back I was advised by a buddy to watch Agenda, that the presenter was very good. I sat down one day and David had Charlie McCreevy on. David asked him where our 2000 hospital beds were and McCreevy just spat out statistics about how spending on health had increased by X since FF came into power. David left him get away with it and it sickened me. It wasn’t too often you get these guys on a show like that so I would have expected David to expose the failed promises instead of letting stats foul up the arguement. Anyone interviewing an FF member should be ready for that.
Anyway down here in Cork we only hold grudges for about 5 years so maybe it’s time to let go… :wink:
David, keep up the good work.

I’m no DMcW fan - pretty much neutral on him.

But I’m missing the point here, what has “making money/fame” got to do with it? The guy benefitted from engaging his brain and looking around him at the waste and folly of a situation which has been a recurrent theme in the history of mankind… a speculative bubble.

The paid cheerleaders deserve our disdain for accepting fame/money for trumpeting a position that they have no belief in. McWilliams rightly deserves credit for forming his own opinion and voicing it in the face of overwhelming “evidence” against it for several years, in the form of “wealth” which has actually proven to be merely debt.

The style may not be to everyone’s taste, but the substance was there none the less.

Exactly Conor,he has benefitted from his controversial stance.I still don,t know as does anybody else only himself if he took this stance out of a sense of “moral duty” or did he just spot a nice way of making more money??Maybe it was a combination of both,but don,t bother trying to tell me that he embarked on a moral crusade to save thousands of homeowners from greedy builders.Please ,I think nobody on this site is that naive!!

The point is that he put his money where his mouth is - he isn’t somebody else’s paid shill taking no risk and quietly pocketing the cash that comes his way while maintaining a veneer on independence.

Having listened to him quite a lot when he was doing the breakfast show on Newstalk some years ago, I think he is genuinely outraged at the waste the property bubble has been for the economy and for the individuals in it. Whether this is moral outrage or economic wrongness, I wouldn’t hazard a guess.

Who said that?

It’s not a moral crusade - just pointing out the bleedin’ obvious!

Criticising VI’s for a lack of scruples in conning people does not equate to canonising someone for pointing out the other side of the argument.

McWilliams was making independent assessment of the market situation. It was the incompetence of others which allowed him toestablish a niche as an almost solo nay saying voice.

If there hadn’t been a cacophony of deluded and self deluding shills to pump the market to explosion then McWillams would have been just another boring number cruncher. Don’t allow your bitterness to force you to whinging about the man making a reasonable living from pointing out what was as plain as your face to any rational observer.

His motives were that he thought he was right

He’s no genius just a bloke with half a brain in the land of the witless property hungry headless chickens