Primetime on now - debate on economic strategy

Dan O’Brien of the Economist Intelligence Unit told the panel in no uncertain terms that kick starting the construction industry was the worse thing to do.

Ireland had the biggest bubble in its history and must correct if the economy is to get through this. He could have been a pinster he was so bearish - the panel did not like it.

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2 things came out of that debate:

  1. Dan O’Brien should be our finance minister. So refreshing to hear such common sense.
  2. Amoan Gilmore sums up the reason why I can never ever vote labour - his solution to all our problems was spend, spend, spend … and borrow to do so.

God help us if he ever gets his hands on the public finances :open_mouth:

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Dan O’Brien. On the money as usual.

There’s a reason he’s employed by The Economist Intelligence Unit and the other’s aren’t. Something to do with the word ‘intelligence’.

I just hope that people were paying attention to Dan’s message!

As for that twat Carey, the phrase that jumped out at me was:

“we need to upskill now for the next phase of the boom”

Laugh, I nearly shat and then he went on to say that they would get Fas to do the upskilling and I stopped laughing.

Was I hearing right - Did David Begg call Trichet’s policys ‘stupid’ ?

Thats very articulate and helpful…

Yes, you heard right.

First David said “wages must rise to help people cope with the increase in food prices” then he said “Trichet is stupid for only focusing on controlling inflation”

hmmm, you can tackle inflation or you cannot, make your choice David.

David Begg came across as a complete gobshite IMO.

He couldn’t even do what he was asked in his opening statement, he just went off on a rant and did no service to any union members in this country.

It really makes you wonder what goes on in the National pay talks.

I noticed that, then she repeated his 3 main points it seemed like he had only talked about one of them!

Surely there must be a more intelligent and articulate leftie on this island?

Did you notice that they were specifically asked what they would do if they were in control?

Dan came up with 3 ways of improving the economy.

David just said that the govt should fix a few things.

If this was economics in school, David would have failed miserably.

You mean an oxymoron, as opposed to the usual morons?

I personally couldn’t deal with these guys; my head would explode.;s=rollingnews.htm

Begg came across as a clown, as usual. He is on the board of Aer Lingus. Can you imagine? And this oaf calls Trichet “stupid”? :open_mouth:

Union hacks like Begg use phrases such as “protect the low paid” and “the vulnerable” to try to stifle the any rational debate about how to limit public spending. There is no contradiction between protecting low paid workers and tackling public spending. They would like you to think there is in order to protect their own position.

What struck me was that Carey seemed to be paying close attention to what O’Brien was saying. Lenihan yesterday also made noises about “painful rebalancing”.

A couple of things about that programme bothered me, the first was why only 15 or 20 minutes of the programme was devoted to the shit we are in?

The second was how in the name of Jaysus anyone in this country can pay attention to the three stooges or their colleagues after listening to Dan O’Brien whose pearls of wisdom were obviously wasted on the deaf planks he shared the tv screen with.

Lastly David Begg is an embarassment to the term union, he seems stupid and ignorant of anything to do with economics, he looked and sounded like a hick and backed it up by disastrous opinions.

The country is f***ed if guys like him have input to spending at this time.

I’d say the gap has become a lot wider since 2006.

One of the problems with statistics such as these, is that it doesn’t compare like for like. People who are working in the Government are presumably skilled (at something other than wasting money!) whereas people working in the private sector include the people who are working unskilled, minimum wage jobs. This will undoubtedly bring the average public sector wage down. A much better set of statistics would be to compare people doing the same jobs (in as much as possible).

Just watched this on the web - it just adds to my overall concerns when I see more of the people who will incfluence what happens going forward being so clueless. Lots of polite agreement that “something” needs to be done but no ideas at all - I guess that’s a politician for you. Dan O’Brien was the only one painting a realistic picture and the only one who has firm ideans on how to tackle the problem - even his comment on the “super-rich” was realistic. It seems pretty simple to me, the government need to leave housing alone to correct itself (however painful) and tackle the issue of public sector pay and curb unnecessary waste! But will that realistically happen?

That depends if you consider breast-feeding a shovel to be a skill on the part of Council workers? What about Hospital orderlies or kitchen workers? Or the guys cutting weeds from the canals?

There are plently of unskilled or low-skilled workers in the public sector, however I’d venture a guess that there are NO public workers being paid minimum wage.