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More like more lovely RTE fluffing of the whole game.

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Good man Mick Wallace - “I’m not paying any interest on my loans and I doubt anyone else is”

Good man Mick Wallace - tell it as it is.

Who does he bank with?

Mick said he wasn’t big enough for Anglo.

I’ve had enough. Going to talk to legal eagles. I want this Gov forced under law to disclose the extent of debt I am asked to cover (as is all other citizens). I am serious, I am running with this. Had enough. I want answers and I want them now. No more arsing about. Old board circle installed again. Sick of this carry-on. This has to be challenged in law. :nin

Holy Moley.

Shane Ross getting dug in now. And fair play Mick Wallace.
(meanwhile the new Anglo director Alan Ducks is down the farm on TG4 :laughing: )

I’d say Mick Wallace keeps a fairly tight shop.

Afaik he owns a lot of the Italian quarter - most mornings he drops into small coffee shop beside the mural and rather than having any fancy overpriced coffee/tea he has a box of Barry’s tea bags under the counter.

In fairness to him … 38026.html

Understandable-couldn’t believe the gall of Wallace. Wonder what would happen the little people if a similar attitude was taken with regard to repayments. As for Anglo- what a morass-thought Cowen looked seriously rattled on the news tonight. Hope it’s not coz he knows something we don’t. Dark days ahead suspecto

Fitzpatrick is to get a pension of €533,000 every year for the rest of his. Fucker

Fitzpatrick is to get a pension of €533,000 every year for the rest of his. Fucker

This is on the RTE website.

Gonna watch it now.

That quote has got to worry the banks. They’ll be hoping it isn’t picked up on by other media.

We’ve been absolutely rode by these pricks. 100 years ago these events wouldn’t be as nearly so civilised although Micko wouldn’t be the worst in fairness.

:open_mouth: :confused: :cry: :frowning:

What if he’s bankrupted. Can it be garnished? Any legal eagles?

Now Seanie’s pension is being picked up by the Irish taxpayer.

In addition to the generous €87 million credit line we’ve advanced him to speculate on Nigerian oil wells and casinos in Macau.

Where’s my €87 million Brian?

The neck of the bastard… … 18613.html

“It was Mr FitzPatrick who negotiated the acquisition of the new lease on that property over 25 years ago at a time when he was chief executive of the bank.”

Is he still involved with Anglo? I was going to say working for but that would not be appropriate.