Primetime RTE 1 NOW - Anglo

I hope he’s working f’ing hard to pay us back our 84m.

Does the mean the banks aren’t getting any revenue from developers? How long can the banks continue to service their own debts if this is the case.

Um, indeed. Roll up, roll up. Roll up, sit back, relax and watch the roll ups. Soon Irish banks will have the largest asset books in the world. Mostly made up of unpaid interest. Still, at least they will still be classified as performing loans. Roll up.

Working from an office in the Upper Mount Street area.
Not too far from FF HQ then.

I wonder does Seanie pop in now and again for a nice cup of tae

By keeping a close eye on the little man. Ever hear the phrase “mind the pennies and the pounds will mind themselves”? Well that is exactly what is happening.

If he can’t pay back the 87 million his pension funds will be seized. Definitely.

The only real protection for these fellahs is to have an offshore stash. Michael Lynn style.

I expect Seanie will retire to sunny climes and live out his days in extreme luxury. After a couple of years the public will forget, as they always do.

Primetime on Anglo … 5,null,230