Primetime Thursday 10 July 2008

looks like some of the folks from my industry will be making an appearance on primetime tomorrown night!

hope everybody knows that all brokerages are not the same!

So when will we see you up there MB? or are you now the Black sheep?

Is this going to be a follow on to the Estate Agents reports from a year or two ago?

What a time for this!!! Talk about getting it in the nads when you’re already on the ground.

Should make for interesting viewing though. You gotta love those hidden camera pieces.


Tomorrow - thursday? :confused:

CJ i stand corrected! its thursday, not tomorrow!

whizzbang: i reckon even primetime would want nothing to do with me now! :wink: its not our firm anyways, we make headlines in even less popular ways, mainly by telling the truth!

daltonr: couldn’t agree more! i’m wondering at what point will the nads give in and leave me ransom note!

i guess you just have to see the funny side of this debacle, although i’m too busy crying at the moment! :slight_smile:

primetime tonight at 9

9:30 MB

God this should be informative, Brendan is on it already :smiling_imp:

I take back that last post, compared to Frank Brendan is an angel 8)

Irish Mortgage Corporation … 7&docID=-1

I wonder what Ken has to say?

Ken’s not going to be happy, the 2 brokers will be scapegoats, yet the Glengarry Glenross culture in IMC encourages this sort of behaviour, even the apologist wasn’t apologising. :confused:

So how long before the banks start saying that the reason they’re no longer dealing thru Brokers is because they’ve concerned about them causing these ‘Liar loans’ ?

I was doing a contract IT job in abank a few years ago overheard a guy on the phone to a mortgage prospect, talking up his income, prompting him to include possible salary increase, overstate bonus etc.

Anway, if a lie of omission is still a lie, then the banks are just as culpable.

My guess is that they will nothing to the brokers in question. Say nothing and you can keep your job, whistleblow on the company ethos and were F##ked.

We’ll consider you an exception MB 8)

One of my old college colleagues from post grad days was encouraged by a bank to over state their income (which consisted of only a few irregular tutorials) when applying for a mortgage. The practice was rampant.

To say that that RTE have just found the only case of this is insulting to most people.

Pretty poor stuff to be honest. What about the jumbo mortages given by the mainstream banks? Thats where the real story lays.

As an aside, RTE must have some of the worst editors in the world. That lady from the Indo’s segment was cut so much that it made fuck all sense.

Interesting that Brendan appears to have a problem with brokers providing misinformation to banks but doesn’t see any correlation between that and supressing comment on the big scam.

What a surprise, they happened to unearth the ONLY broker thats at this. Sure! They dont represent the standard of your company at all!

What a load of BS.

IMC are the most agressive side but there were a lot of loans given on a nod and a wink. How else did the banks going to meet their sales targets at the height of the boom. … 3274#93274