Priors gate, Tallaght
I pass this place on the way to work every morning and there’s a lot of empty looking apartments just waiting for Canny McSavvy’s to hop in and buy the lot. There’s a humongous banner ad at the side of the building and it’s been up for some time. I wonder how many apartments are still for sale?

What’s interesting is that if you want to look at the website, you need to fill in your contact details so that they can contact you and give you the high pressure sales pitch.

An AAM thread where the general consensus about the development is negative.

From that thread: “I think €365k for a 72 sq mt 2 bed is a great price…”


Grand so.
You should be renting then.

I’ve got a 96 sqm 2 bed right beside the DART in D4. The rent is less than the interest on 365K over 35. I’ve lived not too far from Prior’s gate in a former life (Firhouse). Never, Ever EVER again!!!

Public Transport black hole.
ASBO conferences on a regular basis.


One of the I’m an Adult brigade refused to Rent close to work in Dundrum, and instead bought an affordable housing unit in Prior’s Gate.

The show wasn’t allowed to film inside the develoment when she went to look.

Anyone who thinks €365k for a 72 sq mt 2 bed in Tallaght is a “Great Price”. Be my guest. It’s all yours.


Does anyone think as I do from following the thread on the AAM site that there are a few plants feeding lines of s***e about how good this palce is for the unsuspecting purchaser who may be innocently lurking around that site. :unamused:

“24/7 Heaven”??? Oh for the love of God, don’t oversell it or anything people. They really must think we are all total f***ing morons.

And erm, does anyone know that beautiful woman drinking her cup of coffee in the brochure? Maybe she works in Dunnes at the Square or is a receptionist for a bottling plant in the Belgard Industrial Estate, and that’s a picture of her just relaxing back home in Prior’s Gate after a tough day.

Really, she should do some modelling. Maybe get some catalogue work, or, you know, some work for a stock photo agency or something.

That’s her morning coffee - read the site a bit more closely!

Silly me. God, the girl really needs to smarten up for work though. Very nice cashmere cardy, but a long way off business-casual.


Just curious when were you living there?

I went to college in Tallaght for 4 years I think some of your criticism is a bit unfair. I think Tallaght has grown up alot in the last decade. Weather this is a temporary break while the next generation is too young I don’t know. That not to say it still isn’t without its problems.

Public transport isn’t a black hole for starters. The village is served by at least 5 regular bus routes. True you might get some strange characters on the 77 but being a 46a regular myself some times i’d prefer to be on the 77. An then there’s the luas.

But all that said I wouldn’t buy in Priors gate. Its still, like most places in the country, hideously overpriced. I can see it being used for social housing in a few years tbh.

Athough I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the above statement were true I usually find that people living in an area will always talk up the pros and hush down the cons. Probably because of property prices. The best people to get feedback from an area on is someone who has lived there for a time and has now left, ie why did they leave?

The reason I said this is because the above sounds like PR from a brochure slightly toned down but just too upbeat for someone living there.

:laughing: who uses the phrase “centres of learning” in everyday conversation…???

Just curious when were you living there?

For a couple of years up to Early '06.

Keep in mind that I said Firhouse, so I’m referring to the general area, not specifically Tallaght Village.

The ASBO problems that I and my neighbours endured in Firhouse might not apply to Priorsgate since I presume/hope there is secure parking. But it has soured me on the whole area to be honest.

You are right though, Tallaght has come a long way. To quote Scrap Saturday…“The Square was great for Tallaght. There was feck all worth stealing in the old shops”.

Ah! yes. Bus Routes.
While living in the area I worked in Sandyford and Ballsbridge. I never found a viable alternative to the Car for getting to either.

If we had the foresight to build joiny up Luas Lines then…maybe.

I’ll stick to the cheaper and bigger accomodation that I get by renting in D4. That way I get get to work in less than 30 minutes, instead of spending an hour on a bus to get me to somewhere from which I’ll have to take another bus or train.

Things might be changing, I’ve noticed privately run Shuttle buses since I returned to Dublin. Perhaps they will provide the important strategic links like a very fast frequent service to Sandyford and the Luas.

A shuttle to the Dart that’s a little better than almost an hour to Grand Canal Dock with Dublin Bus. Perhaps the Sandyford Shuttle could carry on to Blackrock. As far as I know there’s a Ballinteer Shuttle now.

Another reason to rent for a few years. Let the social mutation that’s going on right now evolve a little further.


What are you talking about?!

First of all, not one ASBO has been given out in Ireland yet, so I fail to see how Firhouse could be an ASBO conference.

Second of all, with that attitude towards your area and neighbours I’m not suprised you may have been bullied by the locals.

I’m not suprised to hear you’re now living in “D4” where you probably think the sh1t on the street smells like roses.

Your attitude however stinks of snobbery.

What language… you must be spending too much time hanging out with these ASBOs! :wink: :laughing:

As somebody who knows the area very well, I think I can give an objective view here.

Priors Gate is right beside the "old"village. True there are many buses but all serve the city centre, however what part of Dublin has a bus that doesn’t have City Centre as its destination (I can think of three, 76,17 and 18) - just becuase a bus doesnt go from Firhouse to your job doesn’t mean its a public transport blackspot! - I could pick many other… it does have the Luas unlike a lot of places.

Tallaght has come a long way but many areas still arent great - but they are mainly the large estates on the outskirts - probably has above average number of them but don’t forget that Tallaght is very big!!

Slowly a few more restaurants etc…a re opening which Tallaght never had but it is slowly catching up!

The price for Priors gate I think is mad - as I said being local I can say its not worth it -and I can’t see them selling them at that price. I think these were on the SDCC scheme also… so a few owners got them through that.

There are a large number of apartments (multi-coloured) just beside the hospital/luas that look like they are finished on the outside but not inside - I wonder when these will be finished/come to market as easily 100 units there…

And just to be clear - I wouldn’t be biased jut because I knew the area…whats the point! (keep market value high??? :slight_smile:)

You don’t have to receive the bit of paper to be an Anti-Social asshole.

I had no problem with my neighbours and my neighbours had no problem with me. I was never bullied by anyone. I along with my neighbours did have to put up with people from nearby areas engaging in antisocial behaviour such as kicking in windscreens for the fun of it, racing their scooters up and down residential roads at 3 in the morning etc.

No actually, it smells like shit, and there’s far too much of it about.
Sorry if my moving closer to work offends you. I’ll just move further out and give myself an hour long commute to gain your respect shall I?

I’ll leave you to write a few balads in honour of the salt of the earth scumbags who cause problems for people who just want to get on with life.

How so?
Please explain. I liked my neighbours. I hated what went on after dark.
I hated the fact that they kept building more and more estates and filtered them all onto one road to the motorway.

I moved to somewhere where I could use public transport to get where I wanted to go, or walk. Where I had secure parking, where I was within 30 minutes of work, and where I’m not bothered by goings on outside when I’m trying to sleep.

You want me to apologise for that?

Get Real.


Dude, your attitude stinks of inverted snobbery to me, which is every bit as sickening as any other type of snobbery.

And for your information, snobbery is not about rich people looking down on poor people. It is about a feeling of superiority for any reason.

So, a working class person who feels their area is a “real” area, with “real” honest working people and a “real” community spirit is indulging in snobbery when they talk disparagingly - as you have done - about those D4 types who think their sh1t smells of roses. Pots and kettles mate.

You also hear this crap when people talk about “real Dubs”, as though someone born in Sandymount isn’t a “real” Dub, which is clearly patronising snobbery of the most disgusting, viscious kind. You might not like them, but they are every bit as much a Dub as Ronnie Drew.

Glad to clear that up for you. A working class hero is something to be.

Finally, I spent a decent amount of my youth in Tallaght - I played football there, had friends there, worked there with SVdeP, went shopping/cinema there etc…before I am accused of not knowing what I’m talking about.

I posted something about this development a couple of months ago - the developer (I think a solicitor?) was expecting them to go for 15% more in than then the asking price…

Pictures of Priorsgate