Prison Reoffending (Recidivism) Stats


Wouldn’t disagree with that


Absolutely not. Your idea would get rid of a legitimate form of protest.

If you want to stop people from committing crime, send them to jail.


:question: What part of protest says people don’t have to pay the consequent fines if passed down by due process?

Outside the protest angle, it’s a no brainer for welfare payments. Someone being sanctioned by the state should feel the effect in their payments from the state.

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No jail time for man who violently killed sick dog in park … -1.2394735

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How exactly did this person get release. If ever there was a flight risk here is one.
Found in possession of considerable quantities of baking soda and seen in the company of a drug mule.


I suspect they hope she leaves and doesn’t come back.

I’d be questioning how she got past security in Lisbon with all that Baking Soda in the first place


I saw some report about her being involved in running a language school and he being a student of same and him having been earlier refused entry to Ireland previously.
All above are obviously all early reports and can’t be relied upon.

Interesing movie on this subject: Maria full of grace (2004)


If the dogs don’t smell it, and if it doesn’t look too strange on an x-ray, it won’t be detected. It’s probably easier to bring stuff through a carry-on now that everyone insists on having a small suitcase with them in the cabin. I’ve inadvertently breached the liquids ban several times without being stopped.


It is not illegal to bring baking soda through security, so why should they stop her?

She does not appear to be accused of any crime so of course they released her. Why are you hoping she leaves?

I know she’s back and all but so far there is absolutely no indication that she was involved with any crime at all, or even any real evidence that she knew the man who died.


Perhaps it’s as innocent as it sounds but I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking the baking soda might have been some kind of decoy…


They should stop her (if they discovered it) because it’s highly dubious to say the least. Certainly looks like some sort of decoy to take the heat of the now deceased person or maybe even a test run. It’s hardly normal luggage!
She approached the Authorities after landing to say she knew the deceased, thats what I read initially. Hence they kept her in for questioning


You’re missing the point. Ireland’s poor drug dealers are being ripped off. They’re being sold baking soda instead of the real thing!


I know this thread is populated with violent crimes or people with high numbers of convictions but I think this is horrendous.

Less than 50% conviction rate for drink driving offences compared with over 90% in the UK. … -1.2397562


The men in black boots will be around shortly to confiscate any white power you have in the house. Or brown powder. Or black powder. Or in fact anything that looks like a powder or a liquid.

What kind of a stupid-ass drug smuggler would you have to be to draw attention to yourself and your party by carrying fake drugs in your bag.


Saw that, truly appalling.


The type which uses decoys in an airport like Dublin where all filter through the same security gates. If it was Frankfurt Hahn they’d have isolated all the passengers from the specific flight and checked the history of every single passenger on that flight to find the mule on the flight with the obvious decoy. They can’t do that in Dublin.



  1. The powder is most likely to be detected at the origin airport bag screening, where they can easily find all the passengers; and

  2. According to the above the woman volunteered that she knew the dead man.

These are not the behaviours of a drug mule and to suggest otherwise is potentially defamatory.

I’m gonna guess she was detailed for TWB (travelling while black). It used to be obvious at the passport controls when they were manned by the Gardai – the only people with Irish passports who were questioned were black people.


point out where I have defamed an un-named person. I’m referring to drug smugglers in general.


Not just talking about you but… in the post below you are saying you think this person should be in jail, as they might flee. You are implying they have committed a crime.

Edit: don’t want to quote your post as I don’t want to “repeat” your comments, so here’s a link: viewtopic.php?p=850732#p850732