Prison Reoffending (Recidivism) Stats


I have heard a similar number anecdotally, but do you have a source?


3 year suspended sentance for a scum bag that attacked a foreign couple on a bus. 10 previous convictions including robbery & burglary.


The Judge has a history of what to many would consider to be lenient sentences. Perhaps he is hoping he’ll be put out to grass sooner or else he is just a bleeding heart.


Can a judge be removed or do they have to retire?


Essentially it’s just retire. Do you not remember the constitutional crisis over Judge Brian Curtin after they found child porn on his computer


Amazed there isn’t more vigilantism in this country with the farcical ‘justice’ system which appears rigged to keep the merry-go-round spinning - a career criminal is no use to them behind bars or reformed, keep him on a permanent loop between the street and the courts and everyone gets paid multiple times over from the one scum bag, who cares if multiple innocent members of the public are menaced or attacked along the way? :sick:


lacks of places, lack of places and…lack of places. Until we have more prison places, we will continue to have career criminals … -1.2390676



I wonder is at as simple as nobody wanting to put themselves in the firing line? I’d be very keen to make it a core part of my manifesto if I was running - until I thought about my family, who I’d presumably be putting in harms way.


No brainer to me also. I was hoping Renua would make it a big policy of theirs, but no mention.

Build a new prison, put the private sector in to run it, take thousands of career criminals off the street…a sure winner. Yeah, the usual Liberals would be mouthing off but who cares.


Added bonus!


Does a prison place still cost 78K per year? Irish Times in 2010.
1.5K X 78K = 117M, so a 1% increase in the lower tax band would cover it. Would everyone affected feel the increased tax is justified?
Depends on how many people are affected by crime per year I suppose.


or alternatively you could stop giving state support to gambling, greyhounds and bloodstock “industries” and that brings you some of the way toward the cost of building the prison without increasing tax.
pick another few of these type things which enjoy the patronage of our glorious leaders and you’ve got the new prison covered.


Privatise the prison and it won’t cost 80k+ per prison place. I’m sure there’s any amount of those big Eastern Europeans who are based here and who’d love to be prison guards even for half the current package the current Guards get!!!

Make the Prisoners do some work also and you might even get in some income


Get the French to run the prison system: - comes it at about 37K per year.
Private doesn’t seem cheaper than public, fwiw.


There are a lot of variables but often it is.

There are some benefits from the use of private prisons:

  • Private is cheaper for low & medium security risk inmates (petty crimes, non-violent criminals, immigration detainees). You don’t have to pay the staff (or have staff numbers) in these places at the same rates as the guys in high security prisons - deal with serious hard nuts - gangs, serial killers, psychopaths, terrorists, drug lords. However, private operators monitor behavior closely and once inmates become troublesome, the private operators ship them back to state or federal agency run max or supermax prisons.
  • You save on the initial capex costs - building the actual prisons. Although some of these prison operators are incentivized[sp] to build in certain counties through IRB’s which provide write-offs against local & state taxes provided they house a minimum % of certain types of inmates. The main local benefit is the jobs & boost to the local economy.
  • The short term nature of many prison contracts - while a prison might have a useful life of 50 to 100 years, large states & federal agencies can often get short term contracts. And changes to certain state & federal laws can rapidly increase or decrease inmate occupancy rates. If occupancy rates decreases and the state doesn’t have a minimum occupancy commitment then the private sector takes the hit - operation leverage is high so many prisons need over 75% to 80% average occupancy rates to make a positive return. If contracts are let lapse or break clauses are used then the cost of carry (maintenance & site security) while mothballed is borne by the private sector.


^^^ Yes I should have said “private not necessarily cheaper than public”.


Why not just clear out the existing prisons by using fines and/or tags for all non violent crime. Surely that’d free up a bit of space.


Change the law so fines can be taken directly from welfare payments, salaries etc like property tax


its hard to get sent to prison in Ireland the links to the various news stories in the thread are proof of that

if we don’t send violent criminals to prison then I have a hard time believing that our prisons are full of non violent criminals taking up space


This is probably true, no harm to have an audit though before we embark on another Thornthon Hall