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Not just talking about you but… in the post below you are saying you think this person should be in jail, as they might flee. You are implying they have committed a crime.

Edit: don’t want to quote your post as I don’t want to “repeat” your comments, so here’s a link: viewtopic.php?p=850732#p850732


baking soda can be purchased for 2 euro per kilo in tesco. just saying


Wow, that’s some guess but not surprising from yourself.

Which part of she made herself known to the Gardai after the other fella collapsed do you not get.
Which part of her story do you then not find extremely suspicious…an acquaintance of a drug mule who herself had kgs of white powder in her bags (that had to be sent away for analysis).

But if your determined to find a racist/anti-Gardai angle, then plough ahead


I can believe that people think of some sophisticated ways to save money, but sending German baking powder to Ireland by air via Portugal is a bit extreme, surely? It’s not exactly a cross-Channel booze cruise.

Something tells me that this one won’t make it into the scrimp and save thread.



Serious - i need to buy baking soda and haven’t seen it anywhere else that cheap.


She is not accused of any crime. She has even more than the presumption of innocence, there is not even any allegation of wrongdoing. Your usual ad hominems against me don’t change the fact there’s been a rush to judgement in this thread.


It seems to me reasonable that if someone voluntarily comes to the Gardaí, admits she was travelling with some who has just died in circumstances that strongly suggest that person has ingested drugs that have burst in his stomach, and when searched has 2 kg of white powder in her luggage should be arrested. I think accusing Gardaí of arresting someone in those circumstances solely because of skin colour is itself a rush to judgement, to put it mildly. Her release means I assume that the Gardaí, having tested the powder and found it to be baking powder, are now satisfied that there is no evidence to charge her with any crime. That doesn’t mean it was unreasonable or racist to arrest and hold her in the first place.


You might be right, I may be reading too much into it. If in fact she did come forward herself. The press I read said that she was being questioned about whether or not she knew the dead man, which is quite different.

None of that changes the fact that people on this thread were lamenting the fact that she was allowed out of jail, despite not being charged with any crime.

#263 … er-6674181

Yes. Flight risk. It isn’t being prepared for the dead mule. No other way to look at it. Flight risk.

Now climb down off that high horse with your notions of moral superiority to the rest of us.


AFAIK, when you are arrested you are either charged by the Gardai (if there’s obviously a load of evidence) or a file is prepared for the DPP, who then decides whether there is sufficient evidence to charge you with a crime. I could be wrong of course.

Calling someone a flight risk implies wrongdoing on their behalf. Doing it repeatedly, even when you’ve been reminded, is asking for trouble. If I knew you were going to be rude about it I wouldn’t have said anything and just left you to it; better hope that woman doesn’t read the Pin.


Press now reporting it may be talc after all. Basically, it seems they don’t know or won’t say what it is, except it’s not coke.


Why don’t you forward the post on to the person involved.
Flight Risk does not equal Guilt and I have never said this person was guilty.

Gardai can’t bring charges. Charges for a serious crime are brought by DPP, not Gardai. File prepared for the DPP.
Often the police in other jurisdictions will work through the night to have everything in place so that the suspect can be charged before the time for questioning expires.
Has that happened here?
We don’t know if the person is guilty but if they were guilty and facing lengthy potential prison time in Ireland with no long-standing connections to the country they are a flight risk. It is as simple as that. The person isn’t of Irish nationality therefore Flight risk.
Why don’t you help this person out in their defamation case and quote back to us all where I have said they are guilty of a crime punishable by law in Ireland.
I am pointing out problems with the manner in which incidents are handled by the authorities in Ireland and you are intent on presenting it as defamation of a person unnamed.

Now, put up or fucking shut up!


No, that is what you infer.


In less serious crime, the Gardai charge them without having to refer to the DPP. In serious crimes the DPP makes the decision but the suspect is charged by the Gardai.

In any case, you’re making my point for me – the fact that a file is being prepared is no indication of guilt, it’s just part of the process.

Anyway, you really are not being very polite, and I don’t think there’s much point in continuing this if you’re unable to be civil.


At least I’m not a troll.


In fairness, there have been a lot of contradictory press reports, so I don’t know why I’m assuming the one I happened to read first which mentions that she voluntarily came forward is correct. All reports do however seem to agree that 1.8 kg of a white powder was found in a search of her luggage which seems to be prima facie reason to hold and question her irrespective of skin colour or nationality.

I agree that, obviously, if after questioning and white-powder-testing, she has not been charged with a crime, then self-evidently she can and should not be held. My understanding is that if she were to be held, she would need to be charged with a crime and then brought to court at which the judge would decide to grant or deny bail - its at that point that the issue of being a flight risk would be raised and assessed. It simply doesn’t apply in a case where there is no evidence of a crime or insufficient evidence to charge her (of course, we don’t know which in this case but legally it doesn’t matter I guess)


That does make sense.


I read somewhere (Indo, maybe) that the powder was a specific type of flour/baking powder for making Brazilian bread.
This isn’t completely outlandish; I know people who’ve brought cream of tartar for baking into France and Switzerland because it’s not available in the stores.


In this instance, it is completely outlandish!


and yet “A file is being prepared for the DPP”. Since when has the baking of authentic south american bread become a matter for the DPP.