Prison Reoffending (Recidivism) Stats


Did you read your own post above? A file is prepared so that the DPP can decide whether there’s any evidence of a crime. The file might say “This was flour. Nothing to see here. No crime was committed.”


In that case a file would be sent to the DPP for everything as the Gardai would not have the freedom to discontinue investigation in to anything even the packs of Lyons Irish tea that I bring over to Germany with me on every trip.
baking soda/cocaine tea leaves/ground herbs
They’re all so similiar. Let’s let the DPP decide.


I’ll take Barrys just as handily, as long as it is an Irish blend. Earl Grey or English Breakfast tea just don’t do it which is why I bring in my own tea in to work although there are 20 or more other choices available in the coffee corner.


Yes indeed. Apparently that’s what happens in the case of an investigation into serious crime. The Gardai prepare the file, the DPP decide whether or not to prosecute.


and what happens in between? people abscond or just hang around and shoot their partners and gardai.

here is an example … s-seizure/


They don’t generally abscond when they are not going to be charged with a crime. Like if they are an innocent person who is carrying flour and just happens to be sitting next to a dead drug mule.

I think we’re going in circles here.


flour/baking soda which can be bought in any shop worth about 2 to 3 euro weighing just under 2 kilos eating in to precious baggage allowance…innnocence…hmmm.


Four years for dangerous driving that caused 8 deaths ‘unduly lenient’ … -1.2401978


Well now we know what it is:

However the woman apparently bought the dead man’s ticket. That is a tad odd all right.


That’s shocking. While it’s terrible he killed his passengers, he killed an innocent man driving on the opposite side.


And of course he won’t even do four years.


Right-o. Erm. Seems to have been true though…


Selective editing of responses…a new approach on the Pin


What do you have to do to be locked up these days? There is no doubt that the system has not served this poor Garda officer well and he paid the ultimate price. Too late now, of course, but you would hope the message is now becoming crystal clear; that the IRA - in all its various manifestations - are a toxic presence in the otherwise beautiful Cooley Peninsula… … an-mackin/
*Adrian Crevan Mackin, responsible for the murder of Garda Tony Golden, had a string of previous convictions including possession of a handgun, IRA membership and possession of bestial pornography. **Details emerging this evening show Mackin, 25, was convicted of possession of a loaded automatic handgun in Newry in December 2013. *He was given a three year sentence, suspended for three years. Soon after his conviction, he moved over the border to Omeath in County Louth. RTÉ 's Prime Time programme has revealed that when he was charged with membership of the IRA in January 2015 at the Special Criminal Court in Dublin, he was only 13 months into the three year suspended sentence imposed in the north. The Director of Public Prosecutions consented to bail and gardaí did not oppose bail on the IRA charge.


Doesn’t a charge of IRA membership cover any organisation styling itself as the ‘Irish Republican Army’? It’s an open franchise particularly when criminals now know that there is no punishment for copyright infringement. If you ever needed evidence that the IRA was gone this is it.


As an offence, it does strike me as curiously limited. I would have expected there to be an offence of “membership of a terrorist organisation” and then a schedule listing them, that could be updated from time to time. If you wanted to prevent the minister from proscribing people on whim, the list could be subject to parliamentary approval.


Is the IRA gone do you think? The IRA Council gone also?


Yeah I mean these are obviously not true IRA members…


No I don’t think so. I did think about that but the dead man apparently was carrying the drugs internally, so the methods of detection are completely different. I can’t see a link.


Not sure I see how that works. If they’re caught at arrival it’s too late to abort. If they’re caught at departure it’s surely likely due to X-ray checking at the departure airport, which would not catch the ingested drugs.

In fact having a decoy of this nature sounds very risky, since you’re bringing attention on your party at which point you probably all get detained and searched for a few hours – especially if you buy the real mule’s tickets and volunteer that you’re travelling together as dipole alleges. It really makes no sense.