Prison Reoffending (Recidivism) Stats


In Frankfurt hahn they can work through a plane at a time and pull out the suspects. In Dublin you can’t pull out suspects as all flights from the terminal funnel through the same security gates.


you’re accusing me of misrepresenting you, so I’ve put the sentence I removed back in, but I don’t see how it changes the meaning in any way. You’re still wrong :laughing:


Pathetic and childish pointscoring.
You did attempt to misrepresent me by editing your response.

Someone ingests 50k worth of cocaine to traffic it to Ireland. Another person (of Angolan descent on a Portugese passport) travels with him carrying a couple of kg of white powder in her bags, which turns out to be baking powder.
And you think that this could possibly have been for baking Brazilian type bread.

Your entitled to your belief, as gobsmackingly innocent as it may seem to me. But I find the above story to be outlandish. My opinion

No ones right, no ones wrong


Well you’re wrong that it was baking powder.


Fekin hell…I’m only quoting what was said in the previous post!!!


I’d mark that as 10 points for Mantissa. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d say your some craic down the pub if this is your level of humour


‘Maniac’ taxi driver with 62 previous driving convictions drove himself to court despite being banned … 39765.html

So despite all his previous convictions, despite his obvious disregard for the law and his sincere belief that the Judge is wrong about his driving…he’s going to have another probation report drawn up on him and then get more community service
This guy is going to kill some innocent person(s) soon, nothing surer


Beat me to that FreeFallin. Couldn’t believe he didn’t get locked up right away. What a lack of insight into his own crapness. How does he keep his taxi license???


Woman gets suspended sentence for fake rape allegation. … 52990.html


Were any of the people who beat him up ever brought up over it?


The fella who stabbed Johhny Cooper 9 times got 7 years, 2 suspended. Out in 3 1/4 probably … 73216.html

A danger to society but sure let him back out anyways. I wouldn’t like to be around when he commits crime #64


Reading the story of this assault the attacker is seriously mentally ill and suffers from highly dangerous impulses and delusions, both to himself and anyone in his vicinity. I wonder if bi-polar disorder is an accurate diagnosis, but whatever the case, prison is probably not the cure, regardless of how much time he gets.


‘Burglary is not being viewed as a serious crime by judges’ … 75388.html

We don’t need laws in this country…just let the Judges make it up as they go along, dependant on their own moral compass


And to think the Judges got offended last week when ti was said they didn’t take Burglaries seriously … 89247.html


I wouldn’t be surprised if the judge hopes he slips away, never to be seen again in Ireland.

I know this was unofficial policy in Ireland during the 1980s, where criminals were told to abscond to the UK and never come back.

#311 … 06580.html


‘5 years or more’…what a joke. Typical Irish


It’s a achievement to get more than 5 years.

I can only hope suspended sentencing counts towards the total. And cumulative years due to multiple convictions. But I doubt the former and seriously doubt the latter will happen.


The reason for this is that in Ireland a “serious crime” is one for which you can receive a sentence of 5 years. Lots of varied legislation uses this as the cut-off for various measures where they want to separate small stuff from big stuff, kind of the way in the US they have felonies and misdemeanours. You might be surprised at the long (theoretical) sentences you can get for seemingly small stuff. Not saying people actually get those sentences mind…