Prison Reoffending (Recidivism) Stats


has to be backdated or it will be appealed but I feel adding 10 or 15 million to the DPP budget purely with the aim of targetting Judges who don’t give heavy sentences for appeals would be beneficial as it would force the judge to adjust their sentencing. It is humiliating for a Judge when their sentence is successfully appealed to others in the same profession.

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A proud day for the Irish legal system


Here’s the same guy from 2012 … 94866.html

So he was already on a 15 year driving ban and yesterday he got an 8 year ban which I presume supercedes the original ban…you couldn’t make this 5hit up

It’d be cheaper and less a waste of resources if the Taxpayer just paid this guys car insurance every year


I don’t want a guy with his lack of judgement on a road anywhere near me, thank you very much.


or just sawed off his hands and legs, would truly be an achievement if he continued driving without insurance after that.


He’s on the road every day by the sounds of it as is!


Probably drove to and from the court

Who cares its just another conviction, why stop now


Court-imposed fines payable in instalments at post offices
People not paying fines will not be jailed except as an absolute last resort

So I’m guessing there’ll be lots of Community Service orders issued, but probably not enough Probation staff (or whoever) to manage it. So perhaps show up, sign on…and then go home. Community Service done. Irish solution to an Irish problem


You missed the bit where you pay the receiver a nice fee to garnish the wages.


Garda recalls ‘mayhem’ in Mullingar pub during Traveller row
Judge says trial of 14 men over St Patrick’s Day fight ‘will be a gravy train for solicitors’ … -1.2504136

All on legal aid, each no doubt will have a handpicked Solicitor, Junior Barrister and Senior Barrister
And not 1 will serve a day in jail, regardless of the # of previous convictions


The sentence had to be consecutive under the law but the judge neatly sidestepped the intention of the statute by suspending the entire term of the second sentence. Good for you Judge Tom O’Donnell, you showed those politicians that you wont let no damn legislation show you how to run your court!


Thousands of people to have convictions removed from record

A year in prison is discounted after 7 years? Seems lenient


Sure is, considering the lengths you have to go to in this country to be have to spend a year in prison


I’m not sure who this benefits. Unlike other countries, convictions don’t seem to be available in a database so it’s not like people are failing general pre-employment checks because of this. This would seem to benefit those who would otherwise fail basic security checks (e.g. airport jobs) as well as the big winners (dons tinfoil hat)… people who want to emigrate :smiley:



Bill can be found here


Meet the Hutch family … -1.2527930

How many Legal Eagles grew fat on the legal fees from that marathon! All of course paid for by legal aid no doubt.
I’m sure the final bills were multiples of the 20k in question

Consecutive sentences…it keeps many Barristers rich and their friends on the Bench know that only too well, having played the game themselves earlier in their careers.

Judges really are 1 of the last unaccountable elites in this country. Crazy, out of touch fools.
I propose deducting 1 month from their pension calc for every person they gave a suspended/partially suspended sentence to and who then commits a crime while out during that period.


Sure in Ireland if you’re going to murder one person you might as well murder 3. They will all fall under one life sentence and you’ll be out in under 13 years


David Byrne funeral on today.
10 stretch Limo’s, lone Piper to lead into the church, huge blue casket, 8 pallbearers all dressed identically in blue shirts and sunglasses…large Gardai presence.
The Kinahans came into Dublin from Spain yesterday for the funeral…whisked through security at the airport like VIPs and given a Gardai escort to Crumlin … 5-Feb2016/

This is Ireland, 2016

edit- some further details:
A remote controlled BMW went up the church aisle during the Mass with the offering
3 horse drawn carriages carrying flowers
Some of the flower arrangements were designed to look like Smirnoff Ice bottles, a favourite drink
Estimated cost of funeral 200k