Prison Reoffending (Recidivism) Stats


Man avoids jail for stealing €18,000 from sick children’s charity … -1.2575266

surely the clue was in his nickname


279 previous convictions, but no extra jail time
I wonder how many years in total he’s being banned from driving by various Judges over the years…what a joke … 60880.html


Our learned friends are getting in on the act. This gentleman has a law degree: … Lost-Teeth


Potential target of yesterday’s murder on sherif st was convicted in 2009 for armed robbery and sentenced to 8 years.

If he wasn’t released early the victim might still be alive. … 29234.html


Man previously jailed for joyriding crash in which two gardai were killed gets suspended sentence for new motoring offences … 37831.html


8 years for killing 2 gardai, amazing, I wonder how long he spent inside :angry:

And now he works for a security company :sick:


This isn’t going to help the redicivism rates. … -1.2616033

Suspended sentences can’t be enforced.


I don’t see it making any difference

Could it really get any worse

#363 … spartandhp

What a road he lives on… … -1.2612436 … 17986.html … est-court/ … -1.2031551 … 74264.html … dvds/59303 … ance-41639 … 89054.html … ourt-hears … 17975.html


It’s not their fault Grumpy it’s the spirits! … st82716243



Not prison reoffending because as you know Ireland doesn’t “do” white collar crime: … telephony/

it seems that a wealthy man’s best defence in a civil case in Ireland is to up the ante to the point where the plaintiff is priced out of the courtroom irrespective of what the constitution says about all being held equal before the law.


Intersting note for the compensation thread.

Lawyers do that all the time on behalf of clients where there might be compensation involved.


Actually this could be a good judgement for Ireland. It will stop speculative cases funded by investment funds.

Of course in this case it’s a real bummer we won’t find out what actually happened and DOB sails off into the sunset…


Whats wrong with speculative cases funded by investors? Ireland needs more of the sort of legal action, not less.


Ding ding dine…we have a winner

423 convictions and still only 29…and yet he’s still getting a win at the Appleas Court … 6-Apr2016/

How f-n ‘just’ is it for the victims of his crime wave, past and present
How much lagal aid dole money has this scumbag earned for the ‘learned’ leeches in the legal industry
How much Gardai time has been waste on this half breed which could have been spent protecting the public

Absolute sickening joke of a country


Some really charming people out there… … 33455.html
*A Traveller man, whose mother ordered him to kill two gardaí at their home during a violent stand off with the officers, has been jailed for 18 months, writes David Raleigh.
25-year-old Michael Ryan, of Fairgreen, Rathkeale, Co Limerick, pleaded guilty at Limerick Circuit Court, to two counts of threatening to kill gardaí and to one count of violent disorder.
On June 7, 2013, Garda Leslie Maloney and Garda Paudie Cronin - both stationed in Rathkeale - were responding to a shed fire when they encountered an oncoming car in which five men wearing balaclavas were driving.
On seeing the two Gardaí, the driver reversed into a gate before he and the four other occupants ran into the Ryan’s home. Bridget Ryan, aged 56, the mother of the accused, came out of her home and shouted at the gardaí to “get off my f*****g property”.
A group of fifteen people, including Ms Ryan and her son’s Michael and Roger “surrounded” the gardaí.
“Such was the hostility, the gardaí had to retreat and call for assistance,” Judge Tom O’Donnell, presiding said.
Roger Ryan, 30, then drove the 2.5L Ford Mondeo at Garda Maloney and Garda Cronin, whom the court heard were “in fear” for their lives.
**Members of the Ryan family scrambled into their home, which prosecuting counsel John O’Sullivan said was like a fortress and fitted with security shutters and CCTV security cameras. ** Bridget Ryan shouted at her sons to kill the gardaí, and ram them with the Mondeo, the court was told. At one point, gardaí said they heard a female voice mention a pipe bomb. **Bridget Ryan had previous convictions, including one of causing criminal damage to a pub amounting to €5,000. Her son Roger, who had 59 previous convictions, also pleaded guilty *to assaulting a man in a pub in Rathkeale in 2014, causing him harm, and, to causing criminal damage to the pub and a jeep owned by the publican, for which he was jailed for three years.

Paddy O’Gorman does magazine pieces on the Sean O’Rourke show and it is the best thing on Irish radio.

He often goes to district courts and chats to people outside. Conversation is invariably like this.

POG: I see you got a fine for driving without insurance. Will you pay the fine?
Local: No I won’t, I’m only on €188 a week and haven’t got the money.
POG: Will you go to prison?
Local: Of course, it’s grand.
POG: Have you been in before?
Local: A few times. It’s grand. The guards make an appointment to collect you. They take you up to the prison, keep you for a few hours then you get a bus ticket home.

It is invariably unemployed under-25 men in semi-rural areas.

Criminal justice system is utterly failing to put in place any reasonable deterrent to driving without insurance. Meanwhile, it is costing a large number of lives per year and the rest of us are paying for it through the insurance compensation fund.


I always click on the Paddy O’Gorman podcasts for the SOR show. He’s a great reporter. The attitude to jail time is depressing though.


In fairness to Paddy he’s pointed out a few times that jail time for non-payment of fine is no deterrent for a certain class of people.

Also the nonsense of vast numbers of people failing to receive fixed penalty notices by post and having to waste vast amounts of garda (personal delivery of summons) and court time.


Animals… … -1.2637659

No mention of how many prior offences the little ‘angel’ has.