Prison Reoffending (Recidivism) Stats


More than a few would be my guess, usually a long career of “minor” offences is racked up before the spectacular event occurs, making a big splash at the age of sixteen is quite an achievement but unfortunately not so rare

from the indo, sounds like a bad attack

And where is his father :angry: the root cause of crimes like this will almost never talked about


Paddy talks to people who get free legal aid on today’s show. If any of you have high blood pressure, I’d advise you not to listen back.
GUBU stuff.

1 lad who has at least 180 convictions said he has ‘the same solicitor since I was a baby, he’s well made his money from me…whaaaa’


Two and a half years for a serious sexual assault: … 07909.html

Eight previous convictions, at least two of which appear to be for carrying knives: … 30529.html

The O’Higgins report suggests victim impact statements should be standard procedure at all levels. If I were the victim of a crime like this, why should I be expected to divulge how much he has ruined my life to the court? Particularly when it will basically be flung back in my face when I see him walking free a few months later?


No extra jail time for Donna Hutch (42) over bid to stab garda
Counsel for DPP says Hutch has ‘astronomical’ amount of previous convictions - 313 in total … -1.2667338

The only unusual thing about Donna would be her getting some serious jail time by the looks of it

#379 … 37940.html
A Dublin youth told a judge he would serve a two-month term for theft “on my back asleep” after he was sentenced for his 130th criminal conviction. Daryll Rooney (aged 18), from Railway Street in the city centre, pleaded guilty to stealing €200 worth of clothes at Champion Sports on Dublin’s Grafton Street on May 15 last year. The court was told the youth already had 129 convictions which included a 15-month term handed down in February for motoring offences. Judge O’Connor imposed a two-month term and ordered that it would run consecutively to the sentence the youth was already serving. “I’ll do that on my back asleep Judge,” the teenager replied.


At least it wasn’t ink cartridges… … 59819.html
*A son of Sinn Féin TD Aengus Ó Snodaigh has been spared a criminal conviction and a possible sentence for stealing a box of Desparado beer. The court heard **the teenager had eight prior convictions, which included entering with intent to commit an offence, criminal damage, and six for theft **which led to him being bound to the peace. *


Ireland is too soft for a ‘3 strikes you’re out’ rule, so I propose a ‘10 strikes you’re out’ one.
10 strikes = mandatory 10 years.

Any objections ?


Brendan Ogle would be over the limit…


*Desperado *beer…


Driving while disqualified seems to just warrant a longer disqualification.


Is it recidivism if no charges can be brought for reasons unknown but reading between the lines the only conclusion one can draw is intimidation. … 22541.html

and now he is being charged with something bigger? I assume this is the same guy as ages match and address matches. … rged-with/

Is he a transporter, is he a hitman? Who knows.


French fast track justice for an Irish sack of faeces … 47607.html

A David Hunt from Balinteer who couldn’t possibly be the same person despite coming from same locality and being roughly the same age. … 90945.html


15 year history of crime…tick
Welfare fraud…tick
Drug smuggling…tick
Suspended sentences all round…tick

Drug smuggler avoids jail over €30k benefits while living in Canaries … 88549.html


I remember flying in to Knock a couple of times and they had the sniffer dogs there. You don’t really need a sniffer dog when you see a mug like that in the queue to get in side the terminal in Knock. I remember asking them if people really smuggle in to Knock and they said something along the lines of “you’d be surprised”.
2011 is a long time ago now. The wheels of apathy injustice turn slowly. … 20735.html


Open season in Mountjoy today … -1.2825420

Probably wasn’t enough playgrounds/swimming pools/facilities in the area where they grew up


Gangland target Ross Hutch bailed and barred from three areas following alleged phone theft … 56901.html

Ireland, the greatest little country in the world in which to be a criminal


The ongoing Dale Creighton case is interesting. They mostly have addresses in the Midlands now. The interview transcripts read in court are TV drama stuff


Prison Recidivism 2010 cohort … 010cohort/

Probation Recidivism 2010 cohort … 010cohort/


27 years of age…162 convictions. How many more crimes didn’t make it to the courts. How many thousands of Gardai hours wasted. How many tens of thousands of €’s for the Legal leeches.
Just out and at it again, even bites a Guard. And another suspended sentence

A man with 162 previous convictions who was caught with housebreaking implements within 24 hours of his release from custody has been given a suspended sentence. … 90590.html


He won’t even do 18 months, more like 8. … death.html