Prison Reoffending (Recidivism) Stats


And its pretty clear that he will be back on the road very soon after that

500 previous convictions must be a record, pretty impressive


Would the family of the victim have a case against the State for a failure to protect a citizen, actually contributing to his death through having a criminal thug like this out and about. They fail to jail him for long enough and fail to rehabilitate him for the while he is in.
If no joy in the Irish system, could it go to Europe?

Any legal bods on the Pin?


I wouldn’t be surprised if the leniency of that sentence was appealed.


The charge was careless driving.
I suspect the DPP couldn’t bring a case for something more severe(dangerous driving).
The judge was limited in what he could do.
If 2 years was the maximum permissible and he knocked 6 months off because the offender feigned “regret” and pleaded guilty then the defendant can’t appeal it and end up with an entirely suspended sentence.
Somebody known to me was killed by a driver driving dangerously and exactly the same sort thing happened except they only lost their licence and never served a day in prison.
Getting a dangerous driving conviction appears to be hard.


He was driving at 165km and was over the drink drive limit. Someone died after he crashed into him. If that isn’t dangerous driving or possibly mansalughter, I don’t know what is.

Also, 500 convictions and from the Derry area. Has the Peace Process totally neutered the local heavies up there?


I know. the case I’m familiar with was as clear cut too.

The DPP has been totally emasculated and they have no appetite to push for more severe charges. It is part of the justice system along with the building of prisons and methods to effectively fine people/collect fines which can be influenced by Government without undermining the independence of the judiciary but you must remember that the only people who would benefit from such measures are the ordinary Citizens and their rights have never really mattered in Ireland.


careless driving is not dangerous driving. Judge can only rule on charge which is brought to him.


I thought the DPP would have to explain the reason behind the charges, no?


Solicitor just on there now on Newstalk reckons this 'guy slipped through the cracks but he is in prison now"!!!

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Wed on’t do murder in thsi country anymore. Out in 3 and a bit years to cause more mayhem and God knows what else.


He’s trying to sue the victims’ family. … ed-9808361


that guy is sub-human scum


And what does that make those who I’m sure advised him to go this route!



I assume he apologized in court for the damage he has done in the hope for a lesser sentence, and now this

Its a great little country all the same




Don’t rule out that he’s some class of an informant and that is influencing things :nin


I used to be against capital punishment.
Now, not so much.

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Poignant photo. Beaten with an iron bar or poker. What a world.

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life sentences for road racing imposed. correctly labelled as Murder also.

someone close to me was killed by a road racer and the offender served 0 days in prison nor faced charges of either murder or manslaughter.