Prison Reoffending (Recidivism) Stats

Another new low for Clown World


Interesting thread about the liberal response to Jordan Neely’s death

Liberal perspective

Classic anarchotyranny. Criminologists all doubt the logic that keeping criminals in jail lowers crime. All fake empathy as referred to in the thread above.

The liberals don’t want criminals to go to prison for too long.

I kinda agree. We should have a much smaller prison population :wink:

I agree, but with prisons right now being overcrowded, not rehabilitating those that are incarcerated, and too full to serve s a deterrent for those who just get suspended sentence after suspended sentence… think the system… could be better. Sweden seemed to have a good rehabilitation program (although now obviously have rising crime rates), Portugals program for drug addiction likewise. These do require high investment, and a high-trust society willing to invest time and money in rehabilitation, while also recognising that there are those who simply are too far gone for rehabilitation, and those who are simply… born bad or set in their ways from too young an age. I’ve heard stories about children in a school for the… disturbed and I mean young psychopath disturbed (not Ireland, different country). They are… wired differently.

There was no big online coverage of this trial. He robbed a scooter, bought a fish gutting knife the next day, used the knife that evening…but it isn’t murder.

He’s a lucky boy. If he only bought the knife to scare, did he brandish it before using it? It’s unclear from the reporting. Probably deliberately unclear.

Isn’t it interesting to relate this to the killing of George NKencho. The willingness to use the knife. There’s no complaints that Titoloye should have aimed for the leg like the Socialists think the guards should have done. Titiloye stabbed him in the jugular. No messing.

Eye-witness Samson Fayemi (26) had told the trial that he owed a small sum of money to Titiloye which had become “a source of tension” within their friendship and that Mr Fayemi’s scooter was forcibly taken by a number of men including the defendant “to settle the debt” on August 9th, the day prior to the killing, at Marlfield Estate in Tallaght.
Mr Fayemi and Mr Giwa then called to Titiloye’s home at Mac Uilliam Crescent at 6.45pm the following day and a physical altercation broke out, which Anthony Titiloye [the defendant’s father] had involved himself in.

Titiloye, who had purchased a knife in an angling and shooting shop in Lucan on the afternoon of August 10th,

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