Prison Reoffending (Recidivism) Stats


The scale of the abuse of so called international treaties is such that they are surely meaningless and unworkable by now? The Dublin Convention, also known as the Dublin Regulation for example where asylum seekers apply in the first “safe country” they reach, was arbitrarily suspended by Germany in 2015 without any consultation with its EU partners. Denmark opted out of most of the provisions anyway - on the grounds of national security. We can and should do the same with all of these one-size-fits-all agreements. … 55916.html
*TWO-THIRDS of failed asylum seekers investigated so far this year under a new agreement with the UK were found to be involved in identity swapping, the Irish Independent has learnt. Cross-checks carried out by gardai using British fingerprint records revealed that about 1,300 out of 2,000 failed asylum seekers investigated were known to Britain’s Border Agency under a different name.

Getting back to our violent, rapist friend above…he only applied for asylum when all else failed…and after committing over a dozen crimes. There’s a suggestion of a fake marriage too. He’s now asking us for “protection” when in fact Irish society needs to be protected from him and his likes…thankfully, he’s in custody - for the moment.


I fully agree that the likelihood of this man being a bona fide refugee is incredibly low.

Nevertheless, anyone, anywhere, is entitled to claim asylum and it is morally incumbent on developed countries to consider their claims.

As I said, 90% of applications are eventually rejected in Ireland because the vast majority of these people are economic migrants, not fleeing persecution.


Paddy O’Gorman on the Sean O’Rourke show. He goes around to Courts on days they’re sitting and talks to some people who are up before Judges. He’s very good at getting them to talk.

Just spoke to an auld lad who’s up for breaking a window. He’s been in and out of prison all his life. Parents broke up when he was a kid and he went into care where he was abused and got compensation for that. He spent most of the cash on drugs and drink, getting into trouble a lot along the way. He’s never had a job in his life but has a few kids. He was drinking with mates the day he broke the window. He won’t pay the fine as he’ll only get a few days in jail and that’s a lot easier than it used to be…he’ll get a cell with a TV and Playstation!

Vivé la Republic!


He won’t even do a few days in jail, more like a few hours and then handed the bus fare home.

People like him make the legal profession very rich.

#439 … 5?mode=amp

Deirdre Malone of The Penal Reform Trust seems to have invented the concept of “really violent crime”. Watch out for this new catchphrase in years to come :cry:

Hmmm Deirdre did it occur to you that if you don’t imprison people for “violent crime” you eventually end up imprisoning them for “really violent crime” ? Oh well at least prison numbers will go down which that gimp Flanagan thinks is a good sign.

Why is it only criminologists and their fellow travellers who doubt the logic that keeping criminals in jail reduces crime ?


Maybe they’ve thought about it more than most?


Like the Buddhists and reincarnation


More like biologists and biology, or sociologists and society. Is is just criminology you regard as a religious faith or all the sciences?


You think sociologists are comparable to biologists. You should put that in the humour thread :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually biologists in many ways can tell you *more *about society because they are open to the idea that humans are subject to all sorts of psychological impulses which date from the time that we were hunter-gatherers.

For sociologists, social problems always have social causes. Humans are just blank slates and simply need to be programmed with better ideology in order to be perfected.


I though Judges were legally bound to impose 10 years for posession of drugs valued at over 10k where supplying is also involved?
Not suspended sentences!

Italian chef avoids jail after being caught with over €30k of drugs … 27529.html

Only in Ireland


More prisons, longer sentences, cut off welfare payments. Old school I know, but hey, when you have poster boys like this for the Civil Liberties sides, what can you do

Anatomy of a rural crime: Gang that used free travel for ‘barbaric’ and ‘menacing’ attacks
The conviction of a family gang of criminals revealed a chilling picture of robbers who target isolated communities … 93988.html


Blood boiling stuff for vast the majority of decent people…and not only did this utter waster get everything free from the State (i.e the rest of us) but he was handsomely rewarded for receiving an injury while in prison for a violent crime. And let’s not forget that he and his cronies were members of that “ethnic minority”…a truly disastrous excuse for a culture, as are those involved in this “feud related” incident earlier today… … 97639.html
Mother was holding baby when both were injured in Dublin shooting, teenager also hospitalised…the area has been sealed off by gardai. Among the lines of inquiry being pursued is whether the shooting was related to a feud among members of the Travelling community.


The man arrested in connection with the shooting (though not suspected of pulling the trigger) has been charged tonight … 7-Dec2017/

48year of age…15 children…living off social welfare. Sure why not if you can get away with it


1 of the 15 children, Charlene, was today charged with possession of a gun with intnt to endanger life.

In other news, the home of the Donovan family who were moved out of Parslickstown after the shooting, was today burned out. Lets har the homeless industry over the next few days decry this action at such a chronic time for housing in this country.


In fairness 12 of the 15 are seemingly grand so far, I wasn’t expecting a sword though … 46752.html … k-for-bail


Beat this fella if you can!

Drunk driving father-of-15 had ‘meltdown’ when he led gardai on chase … d=OEMDHP15

Another fine day for our justice system. When the day comes that this man kills/seriously maims someone, I can only hope that the victims family take justice into their own hands and don’t wait for the State to deliver on their behalf.
I wonder how much in legal aid he has racked up for Judge McHugh’s former colleagues in this ‘record’ run of his.
It would be a nice thesis for some student to tot up all the sentences this guy has received…probably tally to more than his age. And the number of years in driving bans probably close to 1,000


I’ve often heard it said that if the criminals were targeting the Judiciary that we would then see very different sentences being handed down. But no, extreme leniency is still the order of the day

‘Experienced’ burglar who targeted widow’s home - while serving suspended sentence for another burglary - spared extra jail time … 94790.html


Judge rules wife of ‘notorious criminal’ took part in ‘set-up collision’
Claims by Julieanne Joyce and three of her sisters in law for damages totalling €240,000 were thrown out … 53187.html

It’s neverending


And it will be until we start prosecuting false claimants