Problem solved: Greens to tax SMSs

Mary White was just on Newstalk shiting on about her “innovative idea” to put a 1c tax on all SMS messages since it’s a “new form of communication”. ARE THESE PEOPLE FUCKING NUTS? Why don’t they just give everyone a quill pen while they’re at it. Fat chance of a “knowledge economy” if the Greens tax us back to the stone age.

Oh, and the total annual revenue this would raise (assuming people didn’t reduce their texting in response): €91m

Her email if you want to comment is (although I presume she has someone print out her emails and send them to her in morse code).

Jaysus… She’s giving FF’s Mary White a run for her money now!!! :laughing:

I’m sure I heard George Lee suggest this idea on Morning Ireland a couple of weeks ago.

bravo lads, bravo…

Is this like the plastic bag levy? To stop all those SMSs littering the country?

tax txt spk,lol

rn’t thy alrdy txing vwls?

Woops that’s the other Mary White. The Greens one is

FAIL - I see punctuation, tut tut tut! :mrgreen:

a few years ago a french guy wanted to tax e-mails, i think he had something to do with the postal service.

Why don’t we just tax words instead?

Sorry, I meant “tax words?” ← cheaper, you see!

sent this a moment ago

Dear Ms White

Did I hear correctly this morning – did you actually propose a 1c levy per transaction on SMS text messaging on Newstalk this morning?

Have you and that cabal of vainglorious ivory-tower dwellers up in Kildare street completely taken leave of your senses? Is this really the best our super-salaried dauphins can come up with???

How about the following while your about it……

  1. All expenses claims for Oireachtas members to be 100% supported by vouched receipts – AS OF NOW - (you can apply this to MEPs as well) – if you are going to have your snout in the trough at least can you make the effort to justify why you’re doing it
  2. All ministers of state to forego travel to St Patricks Day events abroad this year as a mark of bloody respect to the electorate who actually live in Ireland
  3. All government Mercedes to be replaced with 1.6L family saloons say Mondeos or Passats – you can then be known as Stars in Reasonably Priced Cars as opposed to Twerps in Mercs
  4. The Dail to mandatorily sit five days a week, 48 weeks a year
  5. Dail salaries to be benchmarked to the European average

And finally

Dail ministers to pay for the cost of their own mobile phones from their own salaries – if you’re going taxing my text messages you can bloody well get in the boat with me

You and your Zanu FF brown-envelope gombeen collaborators have destroyed this country. You deserve to be royally shafted in the local elections, I for one will savour every second.

Yes, this idea was mooted some weeks back but that won’t stop Mary claiming it as all her own work - stupid bint then went on to claim it would bring in €1.4 BILLION in reveneue !

I laughed heartily when Claire Byrne told her that based on the latest text traffic volumes for Ireland, “her” proposed taxation measure would actually bring in €91M

White came back with something along the lines of “we can debate the figures later” ! Once again, the Greens prove themselves to be utterly useless

First of all, as a native of Carlow Kilkenny, let me apologise, we let this crazy lady slip through
the net. We’re pretty good at keeping people like her contained. Our bad, it won’t happen again.


Someone get me that woman’s mobile number.

I’ve got 300 free web texts, and I intend to use them.
If she’s a meteor customer all the better, I’ve got unlimited free texts, and some spare time
over the next day or two.

We already pay VAT on our phone bills you crzy environut.

But you know what, go for it. Because you know who texts in this country, for the most part?
Teenagers, that’s who. You know, people just about to get the vote, perhaps wondering who the
good political parties are, who the crazy ones are. So do it, tax texts. Then we can finally be rid
of you and your crazy party.

Knowledge economy my hole.
This is what happens when you elect people with white hair.
If she got a text she’d send the phone back to the manufacturer for repair.

How about we stick a 1p tax on ill thought out knee jerk policy announcement by political parties, for
the purposes of getting a bit of airtime. Yes, it would bankrupt the Green party, but would that be
a bad thing?


As another “Scallion-ater” (person lucky enough to be born in Carlow) can I also offer my apologies for Senator Mary White. When she first got active in politics (sucessfully campaigning against strip-mining Mount Leinster as I recall) we all thought she was brill. In recent years the gaps between her and reality have become more and more evident.
I expect an edict requiring underpants to be worn outside trousres soon for the purposes of inspection (err… Woody Allen “Bananas”? was it?) or some such.

Quality :laughing:

where did she get the 1.9Bn from ?!
I’m not sure that its even funny
Maybe she got her decimal points wrong and put it backwards ??

This is one of those taxes that are proposed because they are easy to collect. Just like the stamp duty on ATM and credit cards. You simply tell the mobile phone operators to collect the money for you and pay it directly to the government. In fact, that costs the Revenue nothing to collect.

As far as taxes go, its not the worst kind. Income tax and property tax are the worst kinds of tax.

I would think it is totally unworkable, it would just take the networks to move their webtext servers offshore and everyone to start using cabbage to avoid the tax.

I’m going to email Mary now to ask her does she really think 140 billion texts are sent in Ireland every year.

So 140 billion messages per year, or 96 messages per person/per day. (I rounded the population to 4 million - there must be a few people who don’t send any at all)

What about free texts now? Would the operator have to charge 1c for these?