Problems in the Malahide High End !


Jaysus, is Malahide the home of the busted Celtic cub?

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1 in 7 houses over 1 million euro for sale.


In the text:

Seems to directly contradict the thrust of this thread.


You have mis-read something on this thread. This thread is about the micro-market in Malahide, not about the overall Irish market. SCD for example is in an entirely different situation from Malahide.


Could not agree more. There is a micro bubble market in Malahide and has been for the last 30 months or so- be aware!


Fair enough but increasing sales in more expensive houses in Dublin should be showing up in the PPR as well and it’s not with average transaction values declining slowly but surely.
As such, I’m questioning the reliability of the linked article.


On the print version of the Mail on Sunday I saw that 1 in 7 million euro homes for sale story being a sign of demand, I would have thought it a sign of oversupply.

The other property related story on the front page was about why women shouldn’t wait past 30 to start having children.


What precise legislation is this?

Did anyone have a link to the Rolexes? I presume they are rose gold Sea Dwellers or something? :question:


This will be an interesting test property fro the €1.5m+ bracket in Malahide: … in/3278318

With the exception of No.50 a property hasn’t sold on the estate for >€1.65m… that’s quite a gap to the €2.2m asking price. When you look back at the crash prices as well where 44 and 45 sold for c.€1.3-1.35m the lack of volume makes this a really interesting property to watch.

Also there does seem to be quite a view properties for sale in the estate.

… No 2, 13, 15, 21 and 42, plus the site.

Further afield, you’ve got 15 Abington, Abbotts Hill still for sale, Briarsfield, Streamstown and Auburn grove (among others off market) that have been hanging around forever. You wonder if there’ll be a crack down in this bracket?


anyone else think this house design is laughable? trying soooo hard to be “classy”


I’m not sure it’s “laughable”. It’s mock whatever. Mock whatever always looks ridiculous when new, but give it a few decades and it’ll probably look fine.

For instance, this:

“The stately home borrows styles of castle building from the medieval and Tudor periods, along with more minimalist contemporary approaches”

Sounds like a total dogs dinner, but it’s now a Grade I listed building.

Houses are just little mounds of reconstituted rock.

#32 … in/2913828

€2.9m ----> €2.6m in 1H 2014.
€2.6m ----> €2.4m August 2015. … -dublin-d/

Apparently the bidding is around €1.5-1.6m. Highest sale price in Abington ex. Keating’s gaff is €1.6m so interesting to see where this gets away. Despite the architecture being somewhat questionable, the garden and under roof footage are massive.


Simply amazing. I hope the eventual buyer preserves all its castellated gilded glory and doesn’t attempt to turn it into a tasteful, liveable space.


Keatingston has a certain panache about it…




Genuinely curious about this - pretty much every large modern home that’s come up on the pin since I’ve been reading has been fairly roundly mocked as being “tacky”/“trashy”/“gauche”/whatever you’re having yourself.

Personally I’ve found them a mixed bag. Some obviously are awful (especially ones where it’s as if every room has been doubled or more in size with no thought to having to run a 5k to get to the nearest bathroom), but some seem fine (or even “quite nice”) to my (apparently untrained) eye. Have there been any 5000+ sq ft houses that have met with approval here, or is anything of that size roundly deemed to be “trying too hard” regardless of the specifics?


I speak for no one else but I’d buy this for a dollar. … in/3182865

edit: this is OK too. … 16/3104043


Image 10 has a fake, painted-on bookshelf FFS.


Some original features deserve to be retained:


Is Malahide in general having problems, I’ve been looking at and enquiring about property here for the last few months, majority of properties in the likes of the Killeen, Seabury, Millview, Gainsborough, Seapark, Biscayne etc. have not been attracting offers or have sat for a very long time without any interest?

Thinking of finally biting the bullet XX and purchasing, all sold up and been renting for a while now and see it as dead money…