Problems in the Malahide High End !


Malahide extensively tracked from the start of this thread


If there has been a slowdown/drop off it’s not really reflected on ppr yet. See 8 seabury meadows as an example. I couldn’t tell you about on the ground though.

Prices still up €70k - €120k on Feb 2013 for a 3 bed semi in Seabury. They had gotten into the sub €300k for a while.

Still only 7/8 seabury houses for sale per It seems the ‘sticky’ ones are badly priced. Plenty appearing in sale agreed pages too.


This thread is specifically about Malahide “high end” which usually (in Dublin) means 1million+. There was a research report by Daft which showed that the different price brackets can move in completely different directions (sorry I do not have the link but I promise I read it!). The flood of 1 mill+ in Malahide could even push other price brackets up rather than down. See below for quote from earlier contribution:


“The flood of 1 mill+ in Malahide could even push other price brackets up rather than down.”

This could be true if the 1 mill+ asking price is correct, earlier in this thread it was noted the number of 1 mill+ houses sitting both on and off market.

If a price drop is required to sell these, which I believe will be the case, then pressure has to come on all properties in the price brackets below “high end”.


Glengarry back on the market at €2.1m after the sale fell through. … in/2868461

19 properties listed at €1m+ and then the 15-20 off market available.

I wonder if we’ll have 30 listed come the end of October?


Interesting that this market (as far as I can see is non-existent). 18 properties on at 1m+ (with similar number off market). All of which bar 1 or two have been on the market for at least 6-months.

Stalemate with no price reductions (apart from Aontacht and Shadow Glen)

Bit boring tbh!


Flirting with the term “High End” but all the same seeing some movement: … in/3111524

14 May 2015: EUR1,200,000 ----> 1,100,000
13 July 2015: EUR1,100,000 ----> 1,050,000
15 October 15: EUR1,050,000 —> 985,000

18% of EUR215k decline is starting to be meaningful. Now EUR392/sq ft.


Few higher end sale agreeds today … in/3082386 … in/3166017 … in/3111524


Swiftly unagreed - someone hit the sale agreed button by mistake I wonder?


Maybe the banks won’t go sale agreed, but the vendor just wanted out. If someone was willing to pay 2m+ then expect the banks to change estate agent and increase price…


Just looking back through this thread and it’s incredible that 2 years later so many of the same properties are for sale (albeit at lower prices).

2 and 15 Abington

Etc. etc.

It’s incredible.


It’s not incredible if you know the market and the properties - I see 2 abington has removed the black plywood from the gates once headlines hit about the House of Prayer and the interiors may not be everyone’s taste, 15 is not a typical abington house and was overpriced, it stands out relative to the mansions around it, briarsfield is in portmarnock, and to say streamstown is in malahide is a stretch, it’s in kinsealy, so hardly representative of the higher end which remains busy.

looking back on this thread is interesting, high-end properties that tick all the boxes continue to shift quickly - recent sales in old golf links, abotts hill etc confirm this


I agree and disagree with you:

Comments on 2 and 15 Abington, Briarsfield and Streamstown are all totally valid. But then in terms of movement, its pretty limited.

You look at properties that have sold and you’ve got 9 properties over €1m on the price register since Jan 16.

2 in Streamstown (see above)
42 Abington (€2m)- great house but still took 1.5 years and a 10% haircut to sell.
2 Windsor Terrace (€1.85m)- great property. Tick.
12 The Rise (€1.375m) - Site in the centre of Town.
21 Abington (€1.48)- Not sure how, this sold so quickly (but fair play). €120k below asking and then garden was small vs rest of Abington and relatively small property.
28 Abbotts Hill - took 3 years and a reduction from €2.6m to €1.975m to sell despite good location.
20 Auburn Grove - Took a €250k price drop to sell at €1.15m

The Golf Links, whilst well located are hardly high end - generally 2,000 sq ft (ish) and tiny gardens bar the ones on your left as you enter. Effectively around the €1m mark but gap to next band of property prices in Malahide (the high end ones) is generally €500k hence the competition and quick turn around for those properties.

Basically, with the exception of 2 Windsor Terrace I’d say all of those properties above needed either a significant price reduction and still the time to sell was significant.


This house has previously been on the market (in 2008) seeking €6.5m, then it appeared again in 2015 for €3.6m. It was unsold then and withdrawn. It has been on and off the rental market since, at one point reportedly commanding a monthly income of €7,500, or €90,000 per annum.