Problems with Private Rented Accommodation

I’m currently looking into doing a piece for RTÉ television on accommodation standards in the private rented sector and would like to hear from anyone who has had recent firsthand experience of what they believe to be poor treatment in this area.
Please send an e-mail to, leaving contact details and a brief description of your experience if you would be interested in talking to us.
Many Thanks
Sean Mac Giolla Phadraig

I’ve seen some discussions on stuff like this on the property board:

Why are you only interested in hearing from people with bad experiences of renting?

Have you made up your mind before you start that renting is bad and you’re looking for stories to fit the conclusion?

I wonder how this will compare that to the Property Porn that RTE puts out like “I’m an adult get me out of here” where people who could quite easily afford to rent a decent place close to work in Dublin, end up buying a place they can’t afford in Carlow and continue to work in Dublin.

Any chance you could come on here sometime and ask for feedback from someone “who has had recent firsthand experience of what they believe to be poor treatment” in the area of public service broadcasting.

If you’d like to make a balanced show, PM me, I’ll be happy to tell how happy I am in rented accomodation.


That won’t sell Advertising time daltonr! When was the last time you saw “America’s most orderly car chases” on TV? :wink:

That would be 1994. LA, a white Bronco.
Most watched car chase in history.


That wasn’t orderly.
Otherwise he would have ended it by blowing his head off.

Isn’t he lucky he didn’t ring Bertie for advise? :open_mouth:


If you could do anything to highlight the blatant unfairness of landlords being allowed to kick out tenants at short notice because their “daughter needs the house”, etc. that would be great.

If the programme spends even a minute telling people how to claim their rental tax back that would be good.
Many landlords are not tax compliant and rely on being not tax compliant to make the economics of the venture work for them.
They need to be brought in to the tax net and registered with the PRTB.
Once registered with the PRTB they’ll realise they are answerable to someone for how they treat their tenants.

It’s been some 8 years since I lived in a bad rental property but I remember at the time finding that the house I’d just moved in to was for sale, a fact which the landlady neglected to inform me of. She wasn’t declaring her rental income and hadn’t an investor mortgage on it so was probably hoping to avoid CGT when she sold the property on.

Now now lads,thats not the tune you guys were singing to last April when RTE aired that tripe aka “Future Shock-Property Crash”,complete with its special effects of doom music and lighting tricks!

Nonbeliever unless you stop gravedigging posts and actually post something meaningful and not just troll, I’m going to start taking a dim view of your activities…

I don’t get you? All I’'m saying is that sensational TV sells Ads. Sensational doesn’t mean its not true, it is just the reporting style they choose to take.

Lets have a bit of balance is all i am saying,and you are treathening to remove me for merely pointing this out!Pleaaaaseeeeee!!! :laughing:

A bit of balance?

Future Shock - Property Crash didn’t even begin to balance out the spin and lies we’ve been fed on the other side of the argument. A recent thread has Marie Hunt of CBRE commenting on the “herd” of FTB’s who’ll now dive back in and save the market, yet previous comments attributed to this lady in 2006 were patently ridiculous in hindsight, and downright lies if you’re a cynic.

Now about Future Shock itself - I’ve said it before but the the programme was a hypothetical future, not a prediction of the future.

Having said that, they had a right goood stab at it and many of the events they outlined are coming to pass.

So spare me the bullshit about doom music and lighting tricks, it was the most accurate assessment thus far of our economic future on either side of the debate.