Project 3B - Developers, Companies and County-by-County Info

Special Project 3B is gathering momentum - please continue to send in what you can. It’s all very much appreciated.

Details of that below.

To add to that, it would be great to create a database of the who and the where of NAMA.

Most pinsters know their own area well, while others have a broader knowledge of what developers will be affected by NAMA, what their companies are, where they operate, what the developments are called, etc.

It would be great to get as full a picture as possible of who we’re dealing with.

Please use this thread - or email or pm me, if you can give any information on the following…

Developer name
Subsidiary companies
Developments - completed, not started, incomplete
Counties operated in
Projects previously involved in,
etc, etc

If you’re aware they or their companies have given donations to any politicians (should be provable under SIPO stuff that Gavin and Mark have gathered - well done, lads), then by all means, add that too. If you’ve suspicions, don’t publish them here, but email or pm and we’ll see what we can do…

Thanks for your help,

Special Project 3B