Project Bluebeam

Ah now surely you’ve heard about Project Bluebeam! :slight_smile:

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What Is Project Blue Beam?

According to Serge Monast, the four-step project designed by NASA and the United Nations would allow these organizations to accomplish what he believed to be their ultimate goal of creating a New Age Religion led by the Antichrist in order to start a New World Order dictatorship.

NASA would implement Project Blue Beam, Monast believed, with a system of advanced mind control as well as top secret technology in order to trick everyone into believing there’d been a second coming of sorts.

But first, step one of Project Blue Beam would involve the manufacture of artificially-created earthquakes in strategic locations around the world. These earthquakes would, according to the conspirators’ hoaxes, unearth artifacts indicating that the religious doctrines of all nations have been misunderstood for centuries, thus discrediting all religions.

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Project Blue Beam has officially started… The fake alien invasion is here. A breakdown of recent events… let’s hear your opinions.

So most of us knew this was going to happen sooner or later. The fake alien invasion also known as ‘Project Blue Beam’ seems to have started.

Over the past few days, various unidentified objects are appearing in the airspace of different countries. This is all happening very shortly after a Chinese surveillance balloon is shot down in U.S airspace. Perhaps the events are linked, perhaps not. Seems strange that this is all happening at the same time though. Especially since the Surveillance balloon was seen in Western Canada and Alaska as well, and where have the UFO’s been shot down? That’s right… Canada and Alaska. Coincidence?

Brief rundown of recent events:

Jan 28th, a Chinese-operated, large white high-altitude balloon was seen in North American airspace, including Alaska, western Canada, and the contiguous United States.

Feb 4th It is eventually shot down in US airspace.

Feb 10th, US shoots down “unidentified object” over Alaska.

Feb 11th, NORAD shoots down a 2nd “unidentified object” over Canada.

Do you think this is all linked? Or merely a coincidence?

What are your predictions for future events?

What do you know about ‘Project Blue Beam’?

Are we all going to see some fake aliens on TV? That would be cool.

Are we all going to die? That wouldn’t be cool.


Also from Serge Monast - The Story of Conspiracy - #18 by Open_Window

Who’s messing around

Is the Menace using it to distort from it’s depopulation shots mass death, insane covert WARS, Ukraine, and the incoming financial collapse of the Menace and it’s #menacemediamagicmatrix all out collapse or is the Menace really winning? :icon_beer:


Well one part of project bluebeam as I understood it was they considered being able to have the technical capability to project the respective religious characters from whole regions general belief systems, a return of their Gods in the skies above - have you seen holographic technology that we know about these days?

In the case of Jesus’ return, afaik the bible says nothing about statues of Jesus being hit by lighting as a sign. It would be that Jesus would return in the clouds and all the world would see.

Meanwhile, all that geo-orbital-mesh of Starlink satellites encapsulating the world from above, ya know jsut knocking’ about, kinda well you know, if you wanted a world wide encompassing sky based system to pull it off, maybe they’ve put Bluebeam out to tender? :thinking:

I also saw a really cool new video of tentacles (couldn’t see an octopus body) supposedly writhing around a pillar on a SoCal beach. :popcorn:

Sky lockdown begins


Know your history or be doomed to…