Project Heyday April 24th 2010 - Help needed please!


What happened to the first rule of Project Heyday? :stuck_out_tongue:


Re slogans

I love the one mentioned during the heady days of the NAMA protest:
‘We need BRAINS, not BRIANS’

And one of my own:
Fail Us
Fail our Children
Fail our Grandchildren
Fianna Fail - The Party’s over


I do not support this project. The one thing guaranteed to make things worse is having Labour in the driving seat. Be careful what you wish for, people.

The government is fully entitled to serve its full term. The electorate made their own bed, now they can lie in it.


Alert the media!


We’re not

Power to the


Cowan was not elected.


A most revealing post there edge, thanks for that.

The ‘project’, if I’m reading it correctly, is an apolitical exercise about providing a democratic mandate for the enormous decisions which are currently being taken - ostensibly for the greater good.

Ah yes, the aul ‘the other crowd would be even worse’ argument. Vintage FF sock puppet. Yawn.

Fire up a link to the bank guarantee, the recapitalisations and NAMA in the 2007 FF/Green manifesto, just so we all know that people are getting what they voted for.

Nice to see the contempt Fianna Failure have for the electorate on display so transparently.


Fair play to you for getting up and doing something about the current situation. I’ve been trying to think of an effective way of registering a protest at the current situation and calling for a General Election is probably the most effective thing that can be done by us mere plebs at the moment.

I’ll think of a slogan, and turn up on the 24th.


We don’t elect the Taoiseach, we elect TDs and they nominate someone for the office of Taoiseach. While you could argue that people didn’t elect the current batch of TDs with the expectation that Brian Cowen would become Taoiseach, I don’t think anyone who chose that shower could claim to be disappointed.


True that. Common misconception. Although as Gordon Brown knows the real PMs lead their parties into elections and win them.


In a democracy the government rules by consent. In Ireland Fianna Fail rule because they’re entitled to.


If the ballot paper consisted of the Khmer Rouge, The German National Socialist Party and the Monster Raving Looney Party, FF would get my 5th pref.


Khmer Rouge, The German National Socialist Party and the Monster Raving Looney Party

That’s one coalition government I’d love to see in power, Today in Politics would race to the top of the ratings. :mrgreen:


I like the music, can’t get it out of my head now.

How about topical locations such as outside Anglo Irish, in a ghost estate or two, in an A&E department in front of trolleys etc or would that take from the messages on the placards?



Was watching this with the kids today and thought this scene would be appropriate for ‘the big bang’ on the 24th


I think that’s a fair arguement Edge, but if the goverment thought there was an advantage to be gained by having an early election, I don’t think they’d lose too much sleep over not serving out their full term.

If there were mass demonstrations calling for and getting general elections every year, I don’t think that would be helpful.

But just once in ninety-odd years as an independent state, and at a time when snap financial decisions are being made which will burden Irish taxpayers for decades? Is it all that unreasonable to call for an election?


'Tis a damn catchy tune alright!

Yes there are a few different locations where it would be good to shoot some footage. I had a look at the famous Glass Bottle money incinerator site on Monday but it’s boarded up like a high-security prison.

Anglo HQ would be great though, will put it on the list.

Ghost estates might be a logistics nightmare, but if people were to get together, shoot their own placards in interesting locations and then email me on their top 2 or 3 clips, it could really add to the video.


It hit me during the night that perhaps part of the making the noise campaign would be to e-mail our local representatives en-masse
If even 100 people in each constituency e-mailed their local TDs all at around the same time on the same day they might take notice

I’m all for the demonstration but one reservation would be the ‘if a tree falls in the forest’ argument, i.e. there’s nobody in Leinster House at the weekends


The Facebook page now has a simple address -

Am going to be shooting people & placards in the Midlands this Saturday 10th April:
10.00-11.00am Athlone (Athlone Castle)
1.00-2.00pm Tullamore (Market Square)
3.30-4.30pm Mullingar (Market Square)

Friday 9th will be Sligo and Galway
Sligo 12.30-2.00pm
Galway 5.30pm-7.00pm

I’m thinking somewhere beside the river in Sligo (John F Kennedy Parade?) and the corner of Eyre Square beside the Corrib Shopping Centre in Galway, but I’d love to hear what those with local knowledge recommend.

And of course there’s Merrion Square in Dublin tomorrow 12.30-2.00pm and 5.30-7.00pm to kick it off.

Thanks to all who have gotten in touch via PM or email, much appreciated!


good to see someone doing what they said they would, and getting out from behind the PC screen.