Project Veritas - Hidden camera exposé

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Ok, here’s your proof of CNN’s “perfidy”.

So in the personal opinion of a health producer on CNN, it’s bullshit?! Well, that obviously proves that CNN is evil, because normally everyone at a news organisation agrees on things which are not their field! This is why, for instance, Una Mullally and Breda O’Brien agree on all things; they both write for the Irish Times. John Waters also used to have to agree with them, but then he moved to the Independent, so had to agree with Independent people instead. Then he apparently vanished in a puff of indignation, so is now probably free.

Bloody hell, even by the normal high standards of O’Keefe’s nonsense, this is fucking stupid. And yet I’m sure a lot of people will buy it.

Where’s the Trump thread gone?

I want to count of the number of instances that people held up cable news channels as purveyors of anything other than bullshit.

(By many accounts (including his own) Trump seems to spend an unhealthy amount of time consuming their product and little else though)

Trump has stated (on Twitter) a number of times over the past few days that Russia were involved (“meddling” is the term he used) in the elections.

Your claim:

My position, stated twice in the Putin, Russia and the West thread:

The video you posted has the CNN health producer confirming a belief that there was Russian involvement in the election, but downplaying it as something that the US does too, and stating that there was no “big proof” of collaboration between Trump and Russia. Which seems to match my stated position and contradict your claim, no?

True, Trump is confirming it happened (but blaming Obama for allowing it to happen). Putin is confirming it happened (but saying the Americans shouldn’t expect anything else given their own interference in other countries). But el diablo knows better than both Trump and Putin and is sure that it didn’t happen?

I give up. Some of you guys are just too far gone. :laughing:

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”
― Mark Twain

Sad. Posts FAKE NEWS about Trump/US Elections/Russia and about MH17. Walks away in a huff when challenged about it. Pathetic. [/trumpery]

So are you able to provide proof of Russian collusion in the US election? And even if there was Russian interference it would’ve easily been counteracted by the millions of illegals who voted for Bill Clinton’s wife. Do you still believe that CNN is a virtuous and truthful news outlet?

Part 2. Russia is a nothing burger.

We’re not in a court of law here. We’re discussing international current affairs on a forum. We form opinions based on the available information but of course I don’t have the “proof of Russian collusion” in a neat folder in the drawer of my desk. I notice how even the way you phrased your question is designed to muddy the waters and conflate two separate questions. The first question is whether Russia interfered in the US elections. I believe they almost certainly did in the form of being the source of the DNC archive leak to Wikileaks. The second question is whether this was done as an independent activity or if there was collusion with Trump and his camp. I believe this to be less likely but the involvement of Michael Flynn, Paul Manfort and Carter Page in the Trump camp certainly means there are questions to be answered.

Do you not see the irony of asking for proof of something that has already been acknowledged by both Putin and Trump (Russian interference in US elections) while at the same time presenting as fact one of the most ridiculous claim of the post election hyperbole. The 3m illegals claim was made by some random Twitter user who has declined to provide any information about how he arrived at that number and who has refused to provide any follow up information. On the other hand there are multiple published studies, with clearly defined methodologies, which show that illegal voting is not a statistically significant issue.

It speaks volumes that you feel compelled to put words into my mouth in order to try to argue against me and that you can’t deal with my arguments on their merits. I never came anywhere near saying “CNN is a virtuous and truthful news outlet”. All I said was that I perceived them to be less bad than RT. And I stand by that 100%. CNN is a news source whose biases are clearly understood but there is no way you will persuade me that this is somehow worse than a news organisation being explicitly directed by a state and which is a willing tool for the cover up of the murder of hundreds of civilian men, women and children by that state (MH17).

In any case this whole conversation is becoming tiresomely one sided. You and I have disagreed on three main points:

  1. Whether RT was more unreliable than CNN.
  2. Whether Russia interfered in the US election and/or colluded with the Trump camp in doing so.
  3. Whether Russia was responsible for the downing of MH17.

In each case I outlined my reasons for taking the positions I took but your response consisted of posting links to rambling videos by facile alt-right demagogues or repeating jaded conspiracy theory tropes. If you want to have a grown up discussion I’m more than willing to respond but only if you are willing to express your own thoughts and not just copy and paste conspiracy theory cliches.

So in essence, the whole ‘evil Russians stole the election’ meme has been a baseless construction brought to you by the same media that sold weapons of mass destruction, the zero-interest rate property bubble, the evil Gaddafi/Libyan liberation turn and told us that Corbyn was incapable of spelling his own name…

What’s next one wonders? I’m guessing something to do with Assad killing babies

Yes indeed, more than likely their next lie will be a chemical weapons attack by Assad on his own citizens followed by another missile attack and possible illegal invasion by the US. Why would Assad even consider using chemical weapons when he’s fully aware of what the consequences would be. Hard to believe that so many people are still asleep to what’s really going on.

Apparently another interesting video wil be released tomorrow morning.

Interesting interview with James O’Keefe.

Part 3. Not quite the bombshell that was anticipated. :slight_smile:

Another day, another video. CNN will eventually eat itself.

More CNN fakery. They staged a peaceful muslim protest after the recent terrorist attacks in London.

Two new videos exposing the New York Times.

Part 1: American Pravda, NYT Part I – Slanting the News & A Bizarre Comey Connection

Part 2: American Pravda, NYT Part II – Exploiting Social Media & Manipulating the News

Agh yes another big expose for o’keeffe. Outing a lowly nyt journo as a flaming liberal. Who would have thought it could be so.


What next, catching rosie O’Donnell as an anti trumper

American Pravda, NYT Part III – Senior Homepage Editor Reveals Biased Political Agenda at NYT

O’Keefe gets a woman to pose as a sex assault victim to discredit Washington Post reporters. I’m sure that undermining the other women who have accused Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual misconduct is absolutely not what he is trying to do at all.

the fact that the WaPo went to the trouble to properly verify his story is a boost for the Washington Post’s credibility - not that he or his goons will admit it … -happened/