Promissory note challenge by TD postponed


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On so many levels, what a stupid bint. Actually it’s not just her, it’s an entire cohort of sub intelligent, pontificating, middle class, self interested hypocrites, doing their darnedest to drag the once proud ideal of socialism and other associated purposes through the mud. Disgusting, misguided, delusional load of crap going on in this. Worse than student union so called politics which is all she and her buddies are fit for.


Maybe she has a case? Why else would the High Court give consent to challenge the State?
I don’t know who is paying for it, contact her and ask


I’m sure she does. Not any case that matters though. Or one that asks the right questions. At best a distraction. Expensive too in terms of money and effort that might be bettter directed elsewhere. To get a sense of the kind of agendas that are furthered, look to David Hall, and the numerous other gombeens and half witted, either missing the picture of main interest, or who have an agenda… The main thrust or commonality of the various agendas referred, is related to either or both personal behaviour and/or behaviour and actions (or lack of) of personally associated institution during 2000-2008, and what transpired in the dail and closely related institutions like the civil service and Irish media in and around the time of the bank guarantee and its run up. ‘Distraction’ only begins to cover it.


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