Property A&E - Forum Rules of Conduct

This forum is for those who seek advice on financial health with regard to property or as a consequence of the current downturn who find themselves or others in serious personal straits and are motivated out of concern for themselves, family, friends or peers.

All users must engage this forum in good faith.

Please do not post personal information except in the most general of terms. Please do not post any information that would enable you to be clearly identified. Please be aware that some of the responses may be robust and rather non empathic in nature. Please be aware that the moderation of this site is voluntary . If you object to any post, please use the report (red exclamation mark bottom right of the post) button to, eh, report it.

If you are responding to a post, please use deep consideration. There are many reasons why people got into difficulty in Ireland but it is the difficulty itself that is to be addressed, not the reasons why they occurred.

The world is a very different place now to what it was in 2006 when this forum was established and we must endeavor to change with the greater needs with user electing to contribute as they see fit.

If you cannot aid in a positive way then your post is instantly unnecessary in this sub forum. This is A&E is where help is needed most. The remainder of the forum has well documented long running threads detailing the what, why, when and where of the property bubble.

Finally, this is at the end of the day an anonymous internet forum which does not constitute proper independent financial advice which allows detailed consideration of the individual circumstances. It may only be advice on where to get that kind of advice.

As a result we disclaim any liability to any party for any loss or damage howsoever caused, arising directly or indirectly out of any reliance placed solely largely or in part on the content posted in this forum.

The non-glee policy will be rigidly enforced, in particular if any user is prone to glib and unhelpful remarks rather than what the moderators construe as genuine advice of some utility.

Open Window - Admin & on behalf of the Content Team.