Property-bee gone daft! Firefox Price Tracking Add-On

Beerhunter from the UK forum has kindly adapted his Firefox 2 add-on Property-Bee for use with
The property-bee toolbar, is a new and exciting Firefox add-on which makes browsing property sites like Rightmove and Daft so much more enlightening.

It allows you to view a history of how the price and description change over time for properties you have viewed on property sites such as and
Basically instead of your having to remember or write down this information Property-Bee stores it for you and embeds it into whatever property site you are looking at.
No information is shared with others and all information is stored locally on your PC.

I would like to thank Beerhunter for all his fantastic work and congratulate him on the development of the best tool for house hunters that I have seen developed so far.

Happy browsing!



EDIT : The application should also work on rental properties

I just downloaded and installed Firefox 2 and the Property Bee toolbar. It is fantastic to be able to see a price change history ‘live’ as I am browsing Daft. I think it is an essential tool for anyone looking to buy a house.

Thanks a million for the development work Beerhunter.

Thanks for letting us know Dreaded_Estate.

Excellent work. :smiley:

This is absolutely fantastic - a superb resource and a genuine public service! One minor query - will the daft changes be automatically updated, or is there simply a snapshot of changes up to a certain cut off date via the zip file?

Two minor technical points - the xpi link doesn’t seem to work for me on firefox, installing from the propertybee site itself does. Also, the “Application Data” folder is hidden in XP by default, so you’ll need to show hidden files & folders to access it.

One interesting presentational point - Daft at some point seem to have changed their standard listing format from Price €X,000 to Price Region €X,000. So if you see this change on a listing it indicates that Daft feel the market is wobbly, not the vendor.

Superb, I suggest this should be stickied.

That is truly excellent.

I’m using Firefox Portable, I don’t like to keep my browsing history on “The Man’s” computer if there’s anyone else in the same boat unzip the files into “…FirefoxPortable\Data\profile\property-bee”

Is there anyone out there still using IE? It’s very poor in comparison with Firefox.

1st link doesn’t seem to be working for me, is I missing something?

This is Brilliant! Fair play to Beer Hunter!

OW, see jcsmith’s post:

excellent application

As a complete non-technie would somebody please have the time to set it out in simple 1,2, 3 steps? Many thanks

Fantastic! :smiley:

I would love to see Jim Miley’s(CEO- face when he sees this baby in action!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

All of the properties I see on daft have the same heading - !Initial entry found! I guess therefore I’m missing something?? Help

The zip file contians all the complete price history for all properties listed on Daft up to the 5th of February.
The tool will record any price changes for properties that you view after this. It is like your own personal IPW

This is just due to the way the two systems, IPW and Property-Bee, record prices. IPW records just the price “€X” while Property-Bee records the compele text “Region €X”.

Not 1,2,3 but

  1. Install/Update to the latest version Firefox.
  2. Download the application from the site
  3. Install the application
  4. Open MyComputer
  5. Select “tools”
  6. Select the tab “View”
  7. Select the option to “Show hidden files and folders”
  8. Download the IPW data from
  9. Unzip the IPW data.
  10. Copy the files to the property-bee folder

Windows XP/2000
C:\Documents and Settings\yyyyyyyy\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxxxxxxx.default\property-bee

Windows Vista
C:\users[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\Profiles\xxxxxxxx.default\property-bee

Windows 95/98/Me
C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxxxxxxx.default\property-bee

Library\Application Support\Firefox\Profiles\xxxxx.default\Property-bee

  1. Browse Daft

Sounds like you haven’t copied the IPW data into the correct folder.
See the post above from me

Sorry for being such a numbskull - how do I ‘copy’ the IPW files, in really simple english please and with baby steps? Sincere thanks

Useful tip re: using property-bee with Firefox Portable but just thought it worth pointing out that if ISD at your office is doing their job properly all your internet activity is being logged and stored already by the Proxy Server / Firewall. So it’s irrelevant whether your browsing history is kept on the actual machine you are using.

That’s of course assuming that ISD where you work is reasonably competent!


Thanks for the tips, much appreciated

Fatastic utility.

Its a really fascinating insight to the shenanigans in the Irish property market.

For example :-

8th Feb 2008

* Price changed: from '€275,000' to 'Region €275,000'

26 January 2008

* Price changed: from '€285,000' to '€275,000'

26 November 2007

* Price changed: from '€280,000' to '€285,000'

12 October 2007

* Price changed: from '€290,000' to '€280,000'

05 October 2007

* Initial entry found.

Try and explain what the seller is thinking in that sequence?, very odd selling behaviour imho.