Property-bee gone daft! Firefox Price Tracking Add-On


BTW if anyone whats to try out a new version that allows you to delete entries from your property-bee sidebar… pop over to the property-bee forum to download it.

Its only available from the link posted above whilst we test it out, but I hope it will be officially released to everyone within the next week :slight_smile:


Thanks a million for that Beerhunter. I’m trying to register to work in a bee but when I get to the register point the script goes all funny and doesn’t work. Anyone else having trouble registering?


Goes all funny?

There are 2 possible issues I know of

  • If your using a Mac then you may need to type a username/password into a text editor, and cut and paste them into the registration boxes! I’ve no idea why, its some bizzare Mac bug I think.

  • If you try and use a username that is already registered, when you press the register button a long ling of html appears underneath. In this case just change the username to something else and press the register button again (this is because I upgraded the forum software and it works differently from the previous version :frowning:

Hope that helps



It was the second reason BH. I changed my username and it worked. Thanks so much for taking the time to help and reply to my posts. Very much appreciated.


Property bee dosen’t appear to be working for me. Anyone else suffering the same problem?


Working fine for me.
Want to give a bit more detail?


Not working for me either. Using a mac if that is of any relevance. Stopped working yesterday I think.




Pyrite, this doesnt help. “+1” what?
Youre using a Mac? It happened yesterday? What sites?


Not working for me either,noticed earlier on this evening.

Daft…using a Sony Vaio.


I use a mac and have found that the Bee has stoppes working as from yesterday. Correction. It works when you click on an individual property but not on the location/area page.


Same for me. Daft on a Mac. Using Firefox. Stopped working Thursday,
No bee on the index page, you need to click on the individual property. Wonder if it’s a Firefox update thing.
Seem to remember last time it happened, that’s what it was.


Thread on AAM.


Having the same problem myself, any ideas on how to sort it out?


Was this ever resolved?


Not for me anyway. Posted on the Bee forum a couple of times but the posts never appeared. Given up.


Important: The future of Property Bee ** -> … 46&start=0


This is something that should not be lost.


Hopefully I have some good news for you guys. As of this morning’s release of the Property Bee add-on (version, support for the has hopefully been re-enabled.

If you do run into any critical problems again, please do continue to report them on the forums. Whilst you may not get an immediate response, it’s helpful for the team to be made aware of them. :slight_smile:


Firefox has now gone to version 5.
You might have a problem with Property Bee with FF 5.

The following link describes a workaround. The workaround works for me. I have no idea what it does but it works.