Property crash hits asking prices by up to 7pc

Someone should write a dissertation about this remarkable discovery that lowering prices leads to increased demand.

Extraordinary stuff.

Is this the first time the indo have used the phrase “Property Crash” as a headline on their front page?

Obviously the EAs have advised the newspaper they are using the new tactic of saying there is value in the market because property is now so cheap :laughing: so the newspaper can say its a crash to encourage people its now a good time to buy. :unamused:

Don’t be too quick to mock this lads - the MSM is always going to be behind the curve but at least the message is getting out there and possibly saving some ftb’s from significant hearthache down the line.

Bear in mind that the population at large is not financially sophisticated, certainly not like the readers of the 'Pin. Most don’t read the Business section or they tune out when the ISEQ prices come on Six-One. Large doses of cop-the-fuck-on (a la Morgan Kelly) are met with derision and disbelief, and are easily dismissed as doom-and-gloom. It’s articles like this that reinforce what many are seeing for themselves which will get the message across eventually, albeit too late for many to save themselves from financial pain.

7% in one quarter - 28% by year end?

Is it actually on the front page? Judging by the PDF on their site, that was reserved for their Diana coverage.

If the Indo are calling it a “crash”, does that mean we have a definite answer for this poll question?

Now come on! The indo is being slated on this site on a daily basis, and is not treated as a credible source by many pinsters. Make your mind up, you cannot have it both ways!

Sorry, I should really have included the tags in my last comment. I don’t believe it’s a credible source for anything, apart from possibly Irish celebrity gossip.

Well you have your answer so! :laughing:

Don’t think it’s front page of the Indo but the front page of The Herald has something like ‘House prices drop 40k in some areas’ - just caught a glimpse of it in the shop earlier .

Ah the Herald, better again, we have a definitive answer to the poll now! :laughing:

“A slight rise in Galway City”??

Well if they stopped flip-flopping, it would help a lot.