"Property Expert" on Youtube


This is a fantastic clip of “property expert” Kirstie Allsopp talking about STR’s (Sell to Renters) who she describes as being irresponsible! I’m an STR so I got a great laugh out of it.


By the way the guy who introduces this clip, Bruno Powroznik, is a total nutter worth looking at some of his own nutty postings.

Also an article from oday’s Guardian about the British crash. Why don’t we see articles like this in the Irish press?

guardian.co.uk/money/2008/fe … ouseprices

**Note added by GB: **
Bruno Powroznik is a seriously disturbed individual and if you are easily offended I do not recommend watching any of his videos posted on Youtube.



“In the stock market there are rules against this sort of thing”
“There are insider trading regulations and that kind of thing”

What is she gibbering about?


OMG…that guy Bruno is a nutter. Love his “Michael Caine” accent. NUTS!

Kirsty and Phil must not be talking at the minute…he is advising people to sell and rent and she is saying this is irresponsible!

Must go now and watch more of this Bruno guy…hilarious :laughing:


Have a look at his website!!



Oh dear jesus…this man is a mental case. I need sunglasses just to look at the site. He probably gave up his day job at McDonalds to devote his time to the “cause”.


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That pompous fat cow , who listens to her anyway ??


I didn’t see her getting so emotional about people not being able to afford a place to live.

Also, apparently there are rules against people selling at the top of a market on the stock exchange…

what is she on about?


Sorry I am lost who is this “fat cow”?


The colours are enough to put me off. Who is this person?


Kirsty Allsop, the UK equivalent of Liz O’Kane.


Oh I get you now! :blush:

Ah she isn’t as bad as Liz…at least she is pretty successful and her posh accent is true. Liz is from Drogheda…but with the D4 twang.

OT: Nothing bugs me more than country folk speaking with that horrible fake accent.


Bruno is the yardstick by which all internet nutjobs are to be measured IMHO. He’s actually properly crazy as opposed to slightly eccentric or acting out some exaggerated persona / fantasy.

He’s a genuine mental case of the highest order and someone that I’d really hope to never come across in real life.


Coupled with the big drop in sterling lately, Canny is getting a right roasting here.


From that Guardian article quoted above:

I like that! Now when I see an EA with slogans like that in their window in Ireland I’ll know reality is at last seeping in.



Bruno is a legend. He used to troll housepricecrash.co.uk many moons ago. Believe it or not, he actually started off as an uber-bear, making dire predictions for the collapse of the UK economy. But then he dramatically switched sides and very aggressively turned on the bears. :open_mouth: Something to do with buying a house - allegedly. :wink:

I must admit, I think he’s hilarious. :laughing: But, like GB, I wouldn’t like to meet him, not for a minute.

He even made it into the Telegraph back in 2004.


Anyway, now we are talking about him I wouldn’t be surprised to see him turn up on here under a nom-de-plume. So watch out. He has used Patrick Macgowan, Bill Gates and Jonathan Trees on other sites. Second thoughts, perhaps he’s already here???..2gaffs? crashandburn? Is that you? :wink:


I’m Bruno and so is my wife.



No I’m Spartacus.


A few fish short of a hatstand. :confused: