Property Health Check

Their website looks good and the sample report on their website looks good.

Just wondering if anyone on here has ever used these when buying a house?

Do you mean this site?


That’s the one!

Was obviously going to get a structural survey done, but was also going to get a chap that renovates houses to check the stuff that a surveyor mightn’t.

This website looks like they check absolutely everything though (structural,electricity,plumbing,etc) – looks impressive! Just wouldn’t mind seeing reviews (that arent on their official site!!)

I wouldn’t go as far as to say their website looks good. Frankly it looks awful (in Chrome, anyway).

But it does have a lot of good information on it which is the important thing.

Yeah, meant that the service (the detail it goes into) the company does looks good (eg the sample survey).

Would prefer to hear from more people that have used them before going ahead with them! (found 2 recommendations for them on another forum).

The website could do with a bit of a makeover alright!

Haven’t heard of them before but a one-stop-shop service seems handy.

Website does need some pro web design work…

That looks like being an excellent service.

Has anybody used these guys?

If so, would you recommend them?

Same question - has anyone used this company and would you recommend them?

Used them several times and will use them again,very thorough guy who unlike others encourages you to be present and answers all question in layman terms.If there is a problem with the property he will find it.
He also gives you a comprehensive report on the property a few days later.
Would highly recommend.

Have used them; really good report. Worth every penny.

How many pennies’ worth, Mantissa?

Approx €400 (inc VAT) for the property I was interested in (3-bed terraced). But it’s much, much more than your standard surveyor’s report. Check out the samples on their site. I would consider it every 10 years even for a property I already owned, just to see what needs doing.

Yes, we used him last December. Very thorough and detailed. Report cost 400 plus VAT, from what I recall (four bed semi-detached SCD). He was recommended to us and we in turn recommended him to someone who did not use him as they thought the price was too high. Our house needed extensive renovations and was not remotely habitable when he did the survey.

Have used him twice. One property I passed on and another I bought. Recommend him without reservation. (Have no connection to him in any way other than as a client.)

A very methodical and painstaking professional. Takes his time and covers things you would not even think of - for example external drains which needed remedial work - as well as all the obvious structural stuff etc. Supplies plain speak explanations as well as a comprehensive report quickly. Cheap price to pay for peace of mind.

Came recommended from here - found Peter brilliant, really good detailed report.

People seem to underestimate the importance working of guttering, drains etc.

Best money I spent (€385incl vat) in relation to the house purchase.

Many thanks for all the replies, I have just sent off a request for a quote. Will let you know how I get on.

Hi, slightly off topic but was wondering whether anyone has used this alternative: (Roger Bell)

Seem to offer a similar service at a very competitive price. Seem to be a one stop shop where they don’t just point out what’s wrong, but can also give quotes to fix the place up- but are they any good?

Update - We used Property Health Check (Peter Sweeney) for the survey, he pointed out a major concern and we pulled out of the sale a few weeks ago. His report was very comprehensive and well worth the fee. Would recommend him and will use him again.

No idea about these guys. I can see the attraction of having someone quote to fix, but one of the selling points of Property Health Check is that they will not quote you for any work, which means you can be sure they’re not “finding” things wrong in order to get additional work.

I should emphasise that I’m not implying in any way that Bell would do this, just pointing out the pros and cons of that model. I have never dealt with Bell.