Property investment in India.

Wondering if I should invest my few spare bob in property in India, now that it’s a waste of money doing that here… Where are all those Hibernian jobs going again? Any ideas, anyone?

Property Bubble burst in Bangalore as well

Aw well!

Right then (changing tack): I’ll keep tracking the US property market in the hope that a combination of low house-prices and weak dollar might open up a reasonable investment proposition in the next year or so.


I wouldn’t give up on it totally the article also mentioned that in Mumbai & New Delhi prices are flying up

Property in india makes property in ireland look cheap - the earning multiples over there must be something shocking.

India is different.


Yeah - real-estate going for prime manhattan like prices in the near third world country - different is one word for it.

“Hey didn’t that exact thing happen in Ireland?” would be another way of putting it.

I see tears in the future.

Time for



You’ll pay for this!!!

shakes fist

Good one though :smiley: :laughing: :smiley:

There was one place we looked at in early 2007 in Florida, other properties in the development had sold for over $300K. They were looking for $290K when we were there.

We couldn’t offer more than 160K, the places were way bigger than we were even thinking about.

Last night I noticed one of the houses that sold for $313K in Sept 2006 is now asking $184900 (a 41% drop not counting inflation or the dollar).


I thought there were foreign ownership restrictions, as well as capital controls in India.

You really want to be right on the inside I would have thought to make that a sensible play.

Stay away from India unless you have very good connections locally.

average 3 bed semi property at peak of irish boom was somethin like 320-350k or 9-10 times avg industrial wage.

20,30 or 40 k in india is probably 15-20 times avg industrial wage . if you have the cash to pay for all or most of it plus some flights twice a yr then it may be diff…you know wha they say if you have to ask you dont know…

…then again perhaps not :open_mouth: … 288198.cms

I had heard that Larionovo was closing down which may be a better explanation. It was in the Indo not too long back IIRC .