Property investors look for ways out of crisis … 57934.html

Any way of getting a hold of the presentation the prophet Soden made?

On the strength of his prescience of NAMA, anything this corrupt bollox has to say worries me no end.

Yet another “we borrowed money,now they want us to pay it back shock” story that is somehow supposed to garner sympathy from the readers of such articles,much like the “They Hound Us…They Want 1,300 a month”

It will produce the same arguments as before,no sympathy I’m afraid,the only ones who should get sympathy are the kids of these greedy fuckwits who will have to live with their warring parents through the coming years.

The **Irish Property Council **- another VI group to keep an eye on.

Ah hold on a minute, should this not be called the Irish Property BUBBLE Council. :angry:

Working Together to Construct a Sustainable Recovery in the Irish Economy or "How To Keep Prices Artificially High Until We Screw Joe Soap And Get The Fuck Out Of Dodge"

They have a website.

Maybe they all just sat there terrified and watched a copy of “A Night to Remember” as an allegory for the unsinkable Celtic Tiger.

Blue Horseshoe

Never saw it coming :unamused:

Using questions IPC ask as part of their membership application process, perhaps if directors of IPC could each provide full and complete replies to the following:

  1. Particulars of Directorships in any other Irish Company or Companies (if any)?
  2. Particulars of membership of any related organisation, association or federation (if any)?

Anyone recognise / know of any Zanu FF connections with any of the above named directors of IPC?

It’s a sort of Junior Chamber of Cabal.

No one would have believed it…

even public servants

Well I never! “We didn’t cause the downturn” indeed!

Gee, we have a lot of Ogilvys in this country…

They could read my book…

Thanks WGU - I was struggling on one or two Chrimbo stocking fillers. Just ordered copies off ebay for one or two chaps in my four ball, who thought I was touched for not jumping in. :nin

Nice one WGU. :laughing:

Fucking nice.

Epic WGU.


Send the cabinet a copy!

They are doing God’s work (ie, raping everyone).