Property law overhaul proposed


What kind of land registry do we have at the moment?


Not all is registered at present, and there is currently no requirement that it be registered.

Which is, of course, essential if some kind of rates-based property tax is to be introduced. :wink:

I nearly kicked the cat when I heard this tosser say it took 3 years to formulate the report, 3 YEARS… Irelands best and brightest took 3 years , to look at the conveyancing system in ireland something they were already experts in the field of and then produce a document making recommendations.
Any chance it had somethign todo with the fact it was such easy money for so long that they delayed overhauling the system. Anyways I wonder how many pinsters could get away with saying yeah boss its going to take 3 years todo up that report.
makes me so glad I puked up all over the shop at so many of those Law Soc balls I gatecrashed back in the college days…

At the moment we have two systems, The Land registry and the Registry of Deeds, The proposal is to get rid of the registry of deeds which is inefficent and slow and to also make the land registary work better and faster.
Convencying costs through the land registry are fixed and the proceedure straightforward (for a state body) The Registry of deeds deals with old titles and leases. cost and time are less certain.

Probably someones LLD (see Parkinsons Law)’s_law :unamused: