Property mania is alive and kicking in Tralee

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given the EAs name i think this is the result of some sort of hallucinogen

I’d say someone posted an xtra 0 lol

And the extra comma. So someone did it deliberately!

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3 bed semi-d, no BER, 1,900,000 asking, 1,345 Sq. Feet, and so €1229/sq foot, contact

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I see they’re chasing the smart, ballsy money. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

This property must be the new Tardis, great value at €63 per sq.ft

Funny how they rarely leave out a zero when they make these typo’s isn’t it?

Well if they have the balls to ask 1.9m for that, then god only knows how much they
hope to get for this. POA. Perhaps if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.


There’s plenty of property mania right throughout Kerry for sure for sure.
Take this from someone who’s actively looking for real value down here.

Currently the best value that I can see is the build it myself value.

Went to see a house in Castlemaine a couple of weekends ago. Asking price was 700,000 Euros.
Nice house overall but had been built with it’s entrance on the blind side of a main road corner - just looking for a traffice accident - built under Retention for Planning. Typical! That’s how it’s done down here in Kerry. If you can’t get Planning just build it and then apply for Retention. Seems to work most sucessfully for many of those who know those who are in the know.
Allowing 100,000 for a site, 300,000 would easily build a similar new house to as good if not better a standard.
The auctioneer agreed with my estimate.

Some people just are not listening. That’s the world that we’re in. So many people with their fingers in their ears living in La La Land…

Guys, it is a bargain - look at this:

“Solar panel for free Water Heating 8 months of the year to 45 degrees celcius”

When oil price goes up to $2000 a barrel you get your investment back in no time! (Not sure what degrees celcius means, though)

And what with not bathing for the other four months, you’ll save a fortune on Shower Gel, Bubble Bath etc.
Not to mention the money saved from nobody wanting to go to a pub or restaurant with you for those 4 months.


It’s excess €190k now… should I put this in the property drops forum??.. :unamused:

you should actually, it’ll make it into the official stats too probably :unamused: :open_mouth: :wink:

Yeah, that’s a good one alright.

Overall Floor Area: 658 Sq. Metres (7,080 Sq. Feet)
Spacious accommodation extending to 61 sq m (658 sq ft)

There must be a 10 storey nuclear bunker underneath the kitchen floor or something. :wink:

:laughing: :laughing: