Property market boost as asking prices start to rise … 67988.html

Another day, another Indo article drumming up the market…

I think my favourite bit is

Lowest number of propreties for sale is somehow a good thing. Not a sign that there are zero respossessions of PPRs and very little of BTLs.

You missed the boat Jackal …

380k … -9/1762982



I think whats happened here is that it was listed initially on at €425k and has been marked down to €380k on myhome, but that on daft the markdown hasnt come through yet.

Even at 380K, it belongs to the “Worst value in Ireland” thread.

Those 3-bed semis are as common as muck.

Mind you, it is in Top Notch and the back garden could hardly be better.

Face it guys, you missed the bottom. :mrgreen:

Dead Cat Bounce.

Yeah. I am kinda thinking the same. The last of the cash buyers? As Permo shows today, the banks are loosing money hand over fist in the mortgage game. I know a few people (good jobs, good savings) getting mortgage approval, but as said on here lots of times, draw down and approval have been two very different experiences.

So, in a few months after much Rally Monkey talk, and all the cash buyers have dried up, where will the mortgages come from? I cannot see Irish banks being able to do it. Numbers just don’t stack up. Plus there is still a lot of uncertainty about next years property tax rates.

Jesus, the indo really need to get off the fence.
One day it’s up and the next day it’s down! :unamused: Time for this fella again

Should I be putting in a call to “Rent A Crowd”??

But there is no bounce! Dead cat or otherwise.

Karl Dieter has been discussing this on Pat Kenny. Will post the post the podcast when the feed comes through.

Karl Deeter more or less calling the bottom on Radio1 right now.
There are double digit returns out there on property investment apparently.

Ross Maguire on NewBeginnings was also Kenny earlier and also on MorningIreland.
Why are they getting airtime all of a sudden?

Voilà… … _audio.mp3

All our local banks are f*cked - AIB on life support, TSB the same and BOI still not fully facing up to it’s bad debts.
All of them buying liqiuidity as best they can to meet Basel requirements.
All the foreign banks are ditching their loans here and trying to get out of Dodge as fast as possible.
Unemployment remains stubbornly at just sub 15%. deficit remains stubborn and further austerity in the next 2 budgets guaranteed.
Let’s not even think about the accumulated debt from the deficits and the guarantees.
finally, Ireland and Europe re-entered recession in Q4 2011.

Now that’s just “back of a fag box” facts pulled together - I haven’t bothered my hole even thinking for longer than 5 minutes to come up with that stuff- but it is all true, which is more than be said for ANY of the Indo article which is nothing but spin.
Any one of the above items would normally provoke “instability” in the property market - but all of them together!
All of the above indicates clearly to me that there isn’t going to be any property rush any time soon - if there is it will be short term and unsustainable as the fundamentals are just not there to support any increase right now.
The crash will then get crashier!

i disagree reason … we’ve had 5 years of falls. The rental market is stable, the banks are a wash with liquidity and the global economy is in recovery. As a small open economy we well positioned to benefit from this. I think we’ll see moderate falls from here on in and within 12 months we’ll see moderate property price growth just under the level of inflation. I’ve been bearish for years but we are beginning to get ourselves out of this mess.

I’m not seeing the increases in asking prices. Plenty of decreases thought…