'Property-obsessed' man to list assets

And on a lighter note…

It happens to the best of us John, I’m always finding title deeds stuck to the sole of my shoe.

I thought this was going to be about Frank Fahy.

Now dont be bold and tell the truth, you were hoping this was going to be about FF. Fahey :wink:

irishtimes.com/newspaper/fin … 77445.html

Mother of Jebus :open_mouth:

The deficit of over €35m is 400 Times Income…mind you Anglo would have been good for a 400x Mortgage back in the day.

Sigh. Mr Justice Peter Kelly is my kinda man. What a dreamboat.

I wonder is that an LTEV estimate :angry:

:laughing: :laughing:

He presides over a very exclusive club, you gotta be well underwater ( €1m +) before you get to mingle with the great man.

I must bring my flask of tay and my sangwiges with me on a train trip to see the new court and observe for a day.

I take it they gave him first dibs on one of the nicer courtrooms which is the least he deserves.

He’s still in the old place. He has, however, been given court no.1 in the roundhall.

Will we flash mob him some morning on the way in with a mass “We’re not worthy” up on one leg or else a mass “we’re not solvent” as he majestically traverses the central hall , people think we got no sense of humour around here :smiley:

:smiley: Love to.
Worth the trip on the train up.

edit: in a non-gleeful manner, of course… :blush:

He puts the jizz into justizze.

I love you all. I really do. It’s the fact that you all appear to lust after a High Court judge rather than Angelina Jolie or/and George Clooney that makes me feel this warm fuzzy feeling about you all.

Oh dearie me I do find all this male craving after one Peter Kelly ssssssoooooo much entertaining then i can possibly give expression to…


The flash mob idea is very good.

I suggest we target some worthy Dublin cause of a Sunday, when most people are free. Put it up on YouTube. Perhaps a private forum for interested parties?

And of course it woudn’t be the first time for a solicitor up on one leg saying “I’m Not Solvent” in front of PK so why would you ???

Careful with that axe Eugene… :angry:

‘One of these days I going to cut you into little pieces’

I am using the case as an example to a client who I feel could be in just the same situation in a few months time.

You think I’m pissed? Wait till Kelly thinks your holding back buddy…