Property overtaken by pensions as investment of choice

does that factor in properties bought by a pension fund?
or self administered pensions which can buy properties?

maybe the big push on PRSA’s and pension week etc. are all starting to pay off?

people took up SSIA’s in their droves because there was a 25% incentive to do so, the thing i don’t get is why pensions weren’t more popular all along as you can get 41%!

For those of us paying tax at 41% we did both. For those only paying tax at 20% - 25% was well more! Also, SSIA was for 5 years, pensions - how far is it to 60/65…

The SSIAs were very transparent - put in 200 quid and you could see the governments 50 quid coming in on top. Pensions are more opaque. There’s some good suggestions in the Government greenpaper on pensions for an SSIA style scheme.

What a load of crap. For the first time… since a survey began four years ago in the midst of the biggest speculative property bubble in the history of the country… Wow, the bubble burst and, get this, property’s not as popular…!!! :unamused:

Obviously, the survey started in 2004 with people who had a spare €854.20 or whatever… and €1000 this year just happens to be a nice round inflation-adjusted number!

It’s not a very well-designed survey, is it?